Who will win tonights game, SPURS or SUNS?

The Suns by 7 points! =)

Am a huge Spurs fan, but Suns will probably win. I constantly say over and over that Spurs need a Big Man off the boards to relieve the Big 3 from feeling pressured to score so much. Bonner is a good presence but not in paint, more so can shoot a bunch of tres. Thomas, Oberto cant defend without fouling so often and how much, often can you use a “Shaq Attack”, especially lately hes scorign a bunch of FTs. Until they require a Big Man, if ever, they will continue to be a respectable, mediocre team, but wont go far. Suns are too big and SA has a difficult time playing, mathcing up against Big Man teams and often go out rebounded, which hurts.

The way Shaq has played recently, he will be a big problem for the Spurs and it will be difficult for the Spurs to play defense against the Suns. Suns will have a big edge on this game

The Spurs will take this game tonight.

i say Spurs by 3

spurs. sure shaq’s been playing great, but they’re going to try to contain him, one man can not defeat a team, so in order for the suns to win, the rest of the team has to step up.

SPURS the Suns are wack

The team that can play defense. THE SPURS.

the spurs

I love the Spurs!

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