Why are american christians so much crazier than christians from the uk?

You dont get any of this evangelising nonesense here, ive never met a uk fundamentalist.

but americans seem to all be fundamentalists.

is it a lack of good education?

Happier not crazier.

John 3:16

It’s just a seeming – probably a seeming that you’ve gotten from the news. Naturally, the news only airs the most outrageous religious stories concerning the most radical or extreme religious fanatics – it doesn’t show you the typical, normal, boring, reasonably well-educated U.S. American Christian.

Largest U.S. Christian denomination (by far): Roman Catholic, not Fundamentalist

I’d guess that fundamentalist Christians make up no more than 40% of U.S. Christians (and probably far, far less than that).

– Jim, Fundamentalist Christian, Bach Sci Physics 1989

Americans in general seem a lot crazier then the rest of the world. take a look at MTV or toddlers an tiaras

opposition. it extremely is “my God ( faith, interpretation of the bible) is greater applicable than yours,” every physique desires to out distance the different wth their faith. The litmus attempt 4 politicians is; does he/she have faith in God? if so, what denomination?. even nevertheless the form ensures freedom to worship as one chooses, religious human beings think of you could desire to stick to a slender direction. . Romney who’s working for president is suspect because of the fact he belongs to a faith maximum are no longer attentive to, do no longer recognize everyone who’s and whom some describe as a cult. back, it extremely is opposition; “i’m greater or in straightforward terms a spiritual as YOU!” it finally consequences in mania

Some of the answers in here shock me. Ironic how the ignorant ones are commenting on the US and the poor eduction system. Shows just how brain washed they are.

The UK has their on religious extreme fanatics that aren’t well educated and other questionable issues.
I provide this link to validate my answer. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion…

We don’t teach kids how to evaluate statements. So we have lots of crazies from all walks of life. e.g. anti-vaccination people, 9-11 Truthers, Creationists, and global warming deniers.

People just get sucked in to a particular belief and never bother to actually and honestly challenge it.

Plus religion makes a LOT of money and a lot of religious groups have a lot of political pull.

I think it is because the Anglican church is dominant, being an established church. Anglicanism is a broad church but tends not to have many fundamentalists.

I don’t know. I’ve got plenty of education. We are not all a bunch of dumb hicks like you think we are.

It is due to a lack of education and you are right, America has a lock on it.

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