Why do ancients civilizations like, Egypt, Nubia, and China, always have male rulers??

Most societies in those centuries were heirarchical ~ organised with one leader at the top telling everyone else what to do, supported by a loyal upper class (or opposed by a rebellious one). Being that leader requires politicks, often ruthlessness, firmness and other “yang” qualities. Also in those days the main role of government was military and the king had to be a general as well.

A notable exception is the ancient Celts, who had women leaders like Boudicca and Cartimandua in Britain and Queen Medb in Ireland. A significant minority of their known leaders were women.

Before 3100 BCE you may well find it was different, because those were more-peaceful times when the “yin” values like compassion and art were more uppermost in societies. I think you will find that the emergence of male heirarchical cultures as preponderant in history coincides with the rise of frequency of defensive structures (forts, etc) in the archaeological record.

It is no coincidence that the best-known and most-elaborate artefact in many 1st millennium BCE Celtic sites is the brooch.

Andria ..your answer is good . I want to add that in addition to Cleopatra and Hatsheput ; there was an Egyptian Muslim queen named Shagret El Dor. She played a significant role in time of the war with Gankis Khan(I’m sorry I can’t remember his nationality). But you know you are right the female rulers were little but it is still the case up till now. America , the most democratic country, has not yet a female president and alot of other countries do not as well.But I do think that in many times women were the real hidden controllers. For example, Shagret El Dor did not tell about her husband’s death. She planned the war pretending that her husband was sick and putting his signature on all the orders she herself did. The army was kept in order and Egypt was saved. I also do think that women have this deep and profound wisdom that men do not have in alot of situations,but still I don’t know why there are not many female rulers again in spite the fact that women are worth of trust.

I got your point I know that they were and they are few femal rulers. In spite of the examples we mentioned, they are still few examples. But what can i tell you about the reasons. It is a male dominated society and a male dominated way of thinking as e fitz told you. Okay if you have the right reason tell us about . If , If , If there is really a reasonable reason for pushing women out.

how about Hatsheput? she was a female Pharaoh, although she portrayed herself as male just to show strength. female royal members were extremely important in Egypt. they were the ones through which the royal line ran, because they bore the rulers. they often ran the temples too and were seen some were called the god’s wives. some were more instrumental behind the scenes. ever heard the saying that men are the head and women the neck, and the neck (women) controls where the head (men) turns?

Lol the United States has always had a male ruler and I don’t think anyone consider them “ancient”. I’ve never understood why people make a difference what gender their “ruler” is. The best person should hold the position and if that always happens to be a male than so be it.

Well your question is not always true.Many time Woman were in trim leaders until their son’s become of age and some Had their sons killed so that they can stay in power. And some woman Continue to rule with their sons in the background. Basically It was tradition that men rule for they were considered stronger and woman were considered weaker. Also women were considered to be easily distracted. But never the less there were many great women leader that has exist thru-out time. You should read about them at your local library…..

i can see you feel strongly about this, so i wont argue. but i do beleive the reason is just the way culture was and has been in those places. male dominated. its just the way history was written – males are naturally bigger and stronger and therefore controlled things in place of women. they were primitive, so since then, ruling has become more about intelligence, not about force, and that is why women have popped up at various times and are now much more prevalent than they used to be as leaders

Same thing in modern civilizations.There are very few exceptions ,usually in the 3d world ,when the woman is someones daughter or wife.
It is a mans world.

Egypt had female rulers … ie Cleopatra … you might want to reread your sources


the same reason all american presidents have been white, heterosexual, christian males.

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