Why do Canadians say they burned down the white house?

Dont they know that it wasn’t Canadians it was British soldiers who burned down the White House. When every you get into an argument thats all they can say. “We burnt down your White House in 1812.” Did they read on when the British burnt down the white house a major Tornado came through and chased…

Wow who gives a crap dude if people are stupid let them carry on and just watch them get their asses kicked.

Because the Canadians were still British then, they became independent peacefully later. Many were conservative Americans who fled the US to Canada when your revolutionary terrorists (British/US founding fathers) fomented revolution and took over thanks to the French. Otherwise we would all now together be by far the strongest Empire ever trading in relative peace w. freedom and w/out the current Asian, far and mid East threats to concern us.
The war of 1812 is cited as a draw in the US because the fact that the US invaded Canada then got fought back and Detroit was occupied by Canadian and British garrisons until a peace accord was signed doesn’t play well in US history classes. The only place in the world where the US isn’t still thought of primarily as a British colony to this day is, you guessed it, the US!
Oh, and except for winning in 1812 the British never fought the US because before the end of the revolutionary war both sides were British, Doh!

Canada was a Dominion of Great Britain at the time. And Canadians accept that the burning of our White House and other structures in D.C. was a reasonable response to our burning their capital in York, Ontario.

Go to bed.

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