How Could I Make My Actin Look Believable?

Like Me & my cousins were fooling around a couple a months ago at a Library n i seen this acting book with a Whole bunch of scripts n i had got the book & later on that night me & my cousins were Reading thru the book for parts to get that had three characters to play & it did n as i was getting ready to go up &…

By not acting. To be effective in playing a role, you react, you do not act, you do not pretend anything, you respond believably. Acting has nothing to do with making faces or poses. It has to do with your taking the character’s place in the story. Now it is important that you learn good grammar and use it always. English is the language of our acting so you need to know it well. It will help you understand everything in your lines and it is very important that you do understand if you are going to be good at acting.

Study Stanislovki’s “Method Acting” or Uta Hagen’s Sense Memory..

When you’re acting, speak how you would in real life. If you’re trying to be mad, think about what YOU do when you’re mad and act it out. Don’t go too overboard 🙂

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