Is it a sin to Play World of Warcraft/WoW because you Kill Stuff?

Hey, I just recently started play World of Warcraft, and I was questing normally when I suddenly thought, “is playing World of Warcraft a sin?” I’m a “Death Knight” which has a lot of stuff to do with the devils, rising people from the dead and all that stuff. As God is against witchcraft,…

It’s a moot point you silly goose.

There is no God.

1) JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis were both big name fantasy authors who were both Christian. They had magic, and many of the protagonists in their universes used magic.

2) Your character is not you. Your character is your character. You can model your character after yourself, or you can choose not to. However, in any case your character is not you.

3) Unless you ascribe to a weird form of Modal Realism, like the ever-strange Alan Moore, what you’re doing influences nobody.

4) The Seven Deadly Sins are more like the Seven Bad Vices. Nowhere are they listed as specific sins, they’re just bad things that people should try to not do.

5) There is no prohibition on creating a fictional world with lots of violence in it. That is what you do when you are playing video games. Besides, WoW is pretty tame by modern standards.

6) Only crazy fundies think that video games are a sin. So long as you don’t go around hacking and slaying things in real life, you’re fine.

If that’s a sin, then eating would be a sin as well being that people must kill living things in order to survive. The whole world is based on this concept.

I guess that’s for you to decide. A few things to be taken into consideration though:
“Psalms 11: 5: The LORD examines the righteous,
but the wicked, those who love violence,
he hates with a passion.

sure I do prefer to play WoW! My brother says it truly is because i’m a tomboy in spite of the indisputable fact that. I in simple terms play it from time to time in spite of the indisputable fact that because i’m a highly busy youngster with a existence outside the digital international! 😀

It can be potentially. Such games affect neuromotor development especially in young people. The military uses similar games to desensititize new recruits to killing and to make them better at it. That can be troublesome to an unstable individual. Think about it.


The human mind cannot tell the difference between a real life experience and one that is only vividly imagined.

Apparently you haven’t read the bible, god wants you to kill, most of the bible is god killing people, telling his followers who to kill, and god threatening to kill

No, it’s a game, pure and simple.

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