What are the non religious and non biased reasons against same sex marriage?

I’ve heard several reasons for why same sex marriage (SSM) is illegal. Most of these reasons have been based off of religion. In America we have freedom of and freedom from religion so basing a law on amy religion is unconstitutional. All the other reasons I’ve heard are totally biased and one sided. The…

Simply put, there are none. All of the arguments are religious in background. The deal that marriage is for making babies is garbage at best. That concept was started by the harsh desert based peoples to pursue growth in the face of dangerous situations. Now that argument is to support a religion only by propagating the species of that religion only. It is a form of religious supremacist ideology.
The idea that marriage is a religious thing also does not support an argument against same sex marriage. In my religion it is accepted for two of the same sex to marry. Therefore the ones who say it is against religion are stating that the laws should support THEIR religion only. Again religious supremacy.
The bottom line is that some individuals and churches believe that all Americans should follow their tenets only and not their own beliefs and so the hate agenda against same sex marriage.
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One argument a lot of people have used is the fact that should a gay couple have kids, they would cause the kid trauma and problems as they grow up because they would not have a female influence and they might take emotional abuse based on their parent’s homosexuality from fellow classmates which is probably quite true. Most people use religious arguments because marriage is a heavily religious ceremony and people believe traditions so well routed into history should not be changed. I personally believe that gay people should be able to get married. I believe that every person is made in the eyes of God and that all are equal in those eyes so in fact although the bible (written thousands of years ago) does roughly imply that gay marriage should not be accepted. I believe that to deny gay people of this right would be contrary to the teachings of equality of Jesus Christ and therefore not a Christian (or moral for that matter) thing to do.

The purpose of marriage is to create a family. Families are the building blocks of our society. Homosexuals, by definition, are unable to create a family.

Whether or not government should give married people special benefits is a different question. But the question you asked is why shouldn’t homosexuals be allowed to marry, and the answer to that is that they don’t meet the requirements and can’t fulfill the purpose.

Nope. If you look into it, there’s not even a ton of religious evidence against it. Divorce is denounced more times than homosexuality, yet you don’t see many Christians seeking federal legislation that would prevent divorce.

I dont think youll get an answer. im deeply religious and i believe well all be judged one day. i dont however believe what my neighbors do is my buis. if two ppl want to get married gay or straight. let them. i dont believe the argument gays cant natural

In English common law, a marriage was a voluntary contract by a man and a woman, in which by agreement they choose to become husband and wife.

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