What will happen tonight in Game 3?

Who do you think will step up tonight? Will the Cavs finally take one, and if so, do you think it will be thanks to LeBron or another player? The Spurs are favored to win; will Tony Parker continue his dominance or will Manu or Tim come to the plate and take over? Does any other Spur have the chance for a big…

I think it will be a close game and the Spurs will hold a 3-8 point lead for the entire game. The Cavs will always be in it, but will never have a good chance to win it. I think Duncan will continue his dominance in scoring, rebounding, assists, and blocks. Look for most of those assists to go to Oberto. Parker will have a good game but it won’t be as good as the last two. Ginobli will step up in the fourth quarter, Horry will make some huge plays, and Finley and Bowen will make their three’s. The Cavs will play good, but the Spurs will play great, showing that the Spurs are truly the better team.

Game 3 The entire Cavs team should definitely play harder behind a boisterous “championship starved” crowd. The Cavaliers also have played down 0-2 against the Pistons it’s not like their in new territory. The Spurs also have been lax in game 3’s over the last few years. I think Daniel Gibson could have a spectacular game Lebron will try and get him some good open looks like in game 6 Conference Finals. Gibson torched the Pistons for 31 points. If the Cavs do win the role players will have stepped up. The Spurs have basically focused their defensive effort on Lebron James and if the Cavs can make their shots they have a chance. Also Illgauskas post moves are not working against the Spurs front court I think he might try and establish is midrange game and help open the lanes for James.

For the San Antonio Spurs Duncan will average his consistent numbers. I think if the Spurs start to struggle early on, Ginobli or Horry might step up their game. The Cavs still have no answer for Tony Parker but now that their home the calls like charges and other fouls will favor the Cavs and this might disrupt Parker’s paint penetration. Oberto does a great job of second chance points if the Cavs forget about him like the Jazz coming off to double Duncan he might get backdoor open layups.

I don’t expect the game to be decided by the half time Cavs play much better at home and the crowd will be pulling hard for their team. Lastly the Cavs did win two games against the Spurs I didn’t watch them but whatever strategy was used in that game they need to try and duplicate the effort.

I strongly feel the Spurs will win this game.
But I do think this is the game that the Cavs have the best chance of winning. For them to win tonight Lebron James must score at least 35 points and 7 assists. The Cavs must stop AT LEAST 2 of the “Big Three”. The Cleveland fans have to give all of their energy to the Cavs so that the don’t give up in the stretch. Coach Brown needs to use Gibson more and not use Hughes at all.
Even if the Spurs should lose it will be the only game.
Spurs in 5!!

Go SPURS Go!!!!!!!

Tonight in Game Three, there will be a tipoff in the center circle to start the first game in Cleveland.. and, then there will be a loud crowd rooting on their Cleveland home team, and the game will be played. This is what makes sports interesting as anything could happen tonight.

If Cleveland only realizes that they have a number of good three point shooters other than LeBron, then maybe the game might get interesting; however, the Spurs were #1 in the 2006-2007 regular season on defending against the three point shot.

Don’t know who will win, but whether you like him or not, Tony Parker was the only unstoppable player on either team in the two regular season meetings, and, now still unstoppable after two games in the Finals; although, Duncan had one excellent game in the two regular season meetings and two good games in the Finals first two games.

Cleveland needs to find an answer on how to stop Parker and Duncan which they have not done yet as seemingly Parker and Duncan can score at will if and when they want.

Cleveland might be 2-2 against the Spurs in all regular and playoff games played so far in 2006-2007, but Parker has gone for more than 20 points in all four games against Cleveland this year.

Manu was invisible in the two regular season games as he has the tendency to do on occasion. It will be interesting to see what Manu does on the road tonight.

Fab, a big game? Fab is a role player; although, he was the leader of the players on the 2004 Argentina team that won the Gold in the Olympics but neither the star nor the statistical leader of that 2004 Gold Medal winning basketball team. Plus, I still don’t know if his thumb is healed yet.

I am kind of disappointed to see that the head coach of Cleveland has twice cleared his bench too early in both games. Maybe with Cleveland’s head coach and assistant head coach both being former assistant coaches with the Spurs to Spurs Coach Popovich, the Cleveland coaches don’t seem to have the killer instinct because of their past association with the Spurs. In the 2006 Western Conference Finals, Spurs Coach Popovich didn’t seem to have his typical killer instinct when coaching against Dallas head coach Avery Johnson who was the heart and soul of so many Spurs Coach Popovich teams along with Avery being the team leader of so many Coach Popovich Spurs teams and Avery Johnson was an assistant coach to Spurs Coach Popovich.

Why does Cleveland give up so early with over a minute to go in a game with the Spurs only holding one digit leads when the Cleveland head coach clears the bench. I mean how many points did Reggie Miller score one time in 18 seconds? If you don’t try to win, you are not going to win.

the spurs will keep on playing how they played in the last two games. but the only way cavs could win game three is if lebron james become a leader of the team again, and all of the cavs on the floor playing with him can contribute. also, some inspiration from other players who are not in the finals will be helpful. just like lebron gave inspiration to dwyane wade in his finals, some athletes must do the same for lebron.

I’m really torn about tonight. I’ve said all along that the Cavs would probably take one in Cleveland but they made such poor showings in the first 2 games that I’m not so sure any more. Parker will probably continue to run rings around them because they simply don’t have anyone who can stop him. I look for Horry to have another big game.
And I expect Lebron James to do everything in his power to redeem himself in front of the hometown crowd. I just don’t know if it will be enough the way the Spurs are playing.

If the Cavs are gonna step up it has to be now.If they lose tonight you can pretty much bet the Pistons are gonna win the Championship.Gooden has to have a great game tonight and so does Lebron if the cavs are gonna win.You gotta get Ilgahskis(dont know how to spell his name) some blocks and some rebounds and the Cavs should have a chance.They gotta contain Parker.Parker beating them.Hes slipping through the lanes and wearing the Cavs defense out.So Lebron has to have a double double game and Gooden and Ilgahskis have to step up and have some blocks some reboundas and some points.I think they will be confident enough tonight in front of Clevland to take game 3.

The Spurs win by less than 5.
LeBron will play well with a double/double.
Tony Parker will be in foul trouble early.
Duncan will have his best game of the series, and the
Sours will make all of their FT’s down the stretch to
win by 3 or 4, and cover the Spread.

The Cavs season is over, and there is nothing anyone
can do about it.

Only thing I don’t know is whether to recommend you take the
under or the over. which is currently set at 179, tempting one to take the over, but something tells me the game will be
low-scoring until the 4th quarter. That is a puzzle-the U/O set at 179.

Hello Heidi W, I believe that the Cavs are forced to give their all in this game. I believe that the Cavs are suppose to win tonight. They are in Clevland i think that Lebron James is going to score about 30 + points. I know there aware that if they dont win this game its basically over. But i got to tell you Iam a Spurs fan. So GO SPURS GO !!!!

Lebron will somehow overpower the Spurs by himself..

i imagine a 50 point game with 12 assists and 10 Rebounds

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