Where does Egypt belong? Middle east, Africa, or mediterrania?

Geographically, Egypt cannot be Middle east nor mediterranian.
politically, Egypt is not africans.

so what identity would fit for Egypt right now, especially after revolution.

Geographically, the three of them -.-

Mediterranean is the sea between African continent and the European continent.
Middle East in the other hand is Asia but has this special name.
A quarter of Egypt in the Asia continent, suez canal. It doesn’t make it Middle East.

Egypt and all the other North African countries are African. They may be Arab but they’re still African.
I think the reason they hate to be called Africa is that first, they have a superiority feeling towards black African, second they don’t want to be associated with the third world countries of Africa.

The only country i would understand is Libya, because it’s rich and people there have high standard of living. But Libya is a champion in African politics.

So to close the argument, Egypt is an African country with population more connected to Middle East than Africa. There is no North Africa or sub-Saharan Africa, just Africa.
I understand their heart and soul is in Middle-east but land and home is in Africa.

Egypt is an African nation with a leading role in the Arab and Muslim world for almost one thousand years.

The population is a mixture of Africans, arabs, Turks and north african barber.

The end of Mubrak, Bashar and Gaddafi regimes brought an end to the secular Arab nationalist ideas from the cold war. The MBs were jailed in Mubrak’s political prisons, thus the fall of Mubrak brought them back to in strong way. Being out of power for 50 years made them Angels in the egytpain socity point of view.

Also be carful were to sample your data. The relgious viwes decay in Egypt with the income of the person. Usually the filthy rich elite are just Muslims by name. And those are like 0.01% of the egyptian socity but control 99% of the good jobs. Most of the online users here are not a refelction of the egyptian socity. You need to go to an egyptian slum and ask the question there not with the online elite.

If you went to any public university in the last decade you will find out that the only movement in Mubrak era was the MBs and they were heavily prosecuted though they were everywhere.

The MBs adhere to a Muslim identity not an “arab” identity though. A good example was the media coverage of the Turkish prime minster visit to Egypt. Turks are not arab if you don’t know. So if the MBs came to power you will notice a more significant Egyptian role in non arab countries including african and asian Muslim countries.

A lot of egyptian support the MBs but bringing them to power will ofcourse make them lose their support. It is easy tpo gain support while youa re prsexcuted but it is very hard to gain support while you in power and there is an economic depression.


The seven continents have been the same for thousands of years. Just because Egypt will have a new prime minister does not mean it changes.

Africa is a continent in the Middle East. Egypt is a country in Africa.

World > North, South, East, West > Continent > Country > Region/State/County/Prefecture > City – Streets.

Egypt has nothing to do with Asia.

African, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Islamic, Pharaonic and Arab country.
For these reasons Egypt is a very important country and we are not superior or feel superior to Africa or others, we are just proud of our history and struggle against invasions and occupations a long thousands of years.

African by heritage, yet Middle Eastern culture

Egypt is Middle East… and they have a middle eastern culture..

Egypt history was affected by the Middle East more than Africa…

Through history you can say that Egypt was always more close (geographically and culturally, and politically).. to the Levant (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine) more than countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc…

egypt lies on the mediterranean sea ,, how can it geographically not be mediterranean ???
It is a mid east country as well .
It’s in africa , fact . so it’s african as well .
I don’t see why it can’t be all those .
I don’t want to complicate it , and say that part of egypt does lie in asia . So it’s part asian as well .
Plus of course that it is an arab country . What’s with it ??

It is in Africa and will remain there, but i dont know the reason why people r dragging it in Asia (also known as middle east)

why some pea sized brain human beings never understands that Egypt is a part of Africa like other arab countries for example Libya and Morocco?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sov… check the list all middle eastern countries r in it like Lebanon, Jordan and Oman but not egypt.

No we don’t feel superior nor more civilized from African nation. And what you said is just plain racism. I hate how you are playing the racist card here!!!

This guy wants to paint Egyptians as racist!!

geographically, it’s a transcontinental country (african-asian boundaries)
Egyptians are considered Middle Eastern (Arabs), Mediterranean & North African..

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