Is David Archuleta gay? C’mon there is no way he cannot be gay?

I love David Archuleta. He is soo sweet. So cute. So talent

BUT I can’t help it but wonder whether he is gay or not?

I mean he acts sooo gay. When I look at him I can’t see him with a girl because he is too effeminate. Case and point, how many straight guys out there say “This week has been…

I was thinking the same thing too. Yes i do remember him saying “fantastic” and right there I said “YES HE IS GAY.”

However I don’t think that people should care whether he is gay or not. But I know some assholes here WILL hate him if he says it. Sad—it’s really sad. BUT I do believe that there are enough people to love him to make him a superstar.


I don’t mean to be cruel or mean … BUT; it is no ones business what anothers sexual identity is …. Unless that person brings it up …..

David Archuleta is a young man , doing a good job on Idol and should be left alone to compete and not be stressed out over folks trying to snd guess his sexual orientation ….

Oh yeah he is gay! Great voice and one of my favorites on American Idol.

I can’t wait for his album to come out. No one in the right mind can say that he isn’t gay unless they are fooling themselves.

Well I have come to learn that most of the REALLY hot guys are either gay or taken

Dude, he has a girlfriend. Remember her in the audience?!

I agree sadly he is not gay.

God I hope so. You really will never know until he tells everyone which will not happen for a very long time.

no, sadly i dont think he is gay

Yup his gay.

Yes, I do have my suspicions.

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