My 2001 VW Jetta is standard oil or synthetic?

Ive been using standard oil the entire life of my car- but the guy at Goodyear just told me he would refuse to give me a standard oil change because he claimed that “every Jetta after 2000 accepts ONLY synthetic oil change” is he just trying to get me to go synthetic? and if so- can anyone give me any…

In 2001, only the 2.0 liter, non turbo 4 cylinder uses (in passenger cars sold in the US/Canada) regular grade type oil. The gasolene engines need oil that meets standard 502.00, while the diesel models need an oil that meets 505.01 standard. The only oils on the “official VW/Audi list” are synethic oils of various manufacturers. The problem is that most of these oils aren’t sold in the USA, a few more of them are sold in Canada. Until recently, the only oil other than that from the dealership (Castrol Proffesional SL) was the Mobil 1 oil sold under the European Formula label which was easily found at most Walmart stores. However, this oil does not meet later VW requirements of 504.00 or 507.00, used after 2002/03.

I have been told that the Mobil 1 European formula oil that is sold at most Walmarts is being discontinued by Walmart and will only sold until current stocks sell out. I don’t know if this is true or not, what I can tell you is that it was the easiest to find oil that met some of the VW requirements at the lowest cost. In my area it sells for $6.47 per quart. has a detailed links to various sites that provide info about the VW oil requirements for various engines both gas and diesel. A good rule of thumb is that if the oil doesn’t say that it meets VW standard 502.00, then the oil isn’t right forr your car…. A VW trained tech.

Hope this helps, a car nut.

John Alden is correct.

For any normal engine, standard oil like 10W-40 is fine.
In fact, since it is less than half the cost of synthetic, you can change it more than twice as often, so is better than synthetic.

But if you have a turbo charger in any car, you should use synthetic.
That is because turbo chargers are oil cooled, and if you quickly park a hot engine, that oil will cook.
Only synthetic can hold up to that.

But non-synthetics are on the approved lislt, such as Castrol GTX SAE 5W-40

My suggestion would be to either bring in the oil yourself so that he had no liability, change the oil yourself and save money, or find a good independent mechanic you can trust. Developing a good mechanic relationship is a good idea, because they can find other things while changing the oil.

Then don’t go to him. He loses the business. Besides, he is just trying to push a more costly oil on you when the engine does not “care”. These cars were made to run on oil of no particular brand, just so long as the Grade or Weight is right. There is no “have to anything”” neither gas or oil and coolant.
Ask VW dealership Service Manager and he will tell you the same thing

I work for VW and for you’re make and model the best over the counter oil you can get is Mobil 1 0W-40 European Formula. Otherwise go on a website like ECS tuning and get the oil change kit it’s the same thing we use at dealership just cheaper. Hope this helps.

If you have the owners manual look it up. If conventional oil is acceptable you need to go to another place to have your oil changed. They might just be trying to get more money for oil changes. If you don’t have the manual call a VW dealer service dept and ask about the oil type.

If it is a 1.8T you should use synthetic. The non turbo does not mater.

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