What do you think will result from the constant baseless accusations of racism?

Could the anger/frustration result in an increase in ACTUAL racism?

This is proving a point that I have been making.

Every time someone mentions racism, it flares. As a black man, I wish that everyone would just learn to understand that yesterday cannot be replaced, but can be duplicated if we keep bringing it up. I certainly understand that we can learn from our mistakes, thus looking back at them, but if we dwell on them, it moves us backward.

In my lifetime, I feel as though I have had the same opportunities as anyone else. I took advantage of them, too. I am college educated and successful. It had NOTHING to do with my race. It had to do with my own desires to be the person I am today.

If people were to focus on what it is they want and need, make the effort to achieve those goals, don’t you think that you can blame YOURSELF for being the person you are?

Here is how I see it. A black person is on welfare, has six kids, strung out on drugs and burglarizing to get the next fix. That person blames it on society or racism. However, a black person who has been educated, is successful and happy will pat himself on the back and say, “I did this myself thanks to the opportunities I have had in my life.”

Baseless accusations of racism? Do you know how prevalent racism is?

I recently had 4 white, male Australian co-workers at a prestigious British law firm refer to me as the “black American”. They spat it out in a condescending way and being that I am the only “black” (half black, actually) or “American” person in the firm, it felt really hostile. They could have just called me “the American”, but they just HAD to point out my racial backgorund as well.

Often times, you can SEE racism at work. Look at the fashion and cosmetics industry. It’s a total white-out. White women are being “favoured” over non-white models, who are being “racially discriminated against”. It is plain as day but it is accepted, or so it seems.

As for the poster of the question, either you are completely blind to racism or you are a racist who is trying to discourage people from fighting it.

Racism is a talking point that liberals use to get votes. Thus, making people think that other people are still racist even if they don’t encounter racism themselves. It’s liberals that are obsessed with race.

hot mess in the US is just a little narrow minded. Racism comes from ignorance. Being black gives you no justification for being racist against white people…or any people for that matter. Surely you don’t want to make any excuses for black people to embrace ignorance. That would lower the empowerment of of black people as a whole, and that would really be a shame. Educate yourself, and try a little harder to stop making excuses for racism to continue to exist.

Face it…many older Americans grew up during the Jim Crow era. They don’t talk about how they really feel about African Americans (Obama in particular) because it’s not deemed politically correct and they don’t want to appear uneducated and backward. But they think it…and if he does not prove that he is the best candidate (black or white) America will lose a chance to move forward.

There are many characteristics of all races that are “race specific”. Many feel that there are too many negative “race specifc” characteristics in the black culture. Just because someone doesn’t like persons “culture” (behavior, music, interests,dress) doesn’t mean the do not like thier race. They may have great approval for a person of that race that does not demonstrate characteristics they feel are negative and race specific of that culture. i.e.” I don’t mind who you are, I don’t like what you do”. Putting a “racism” label on every critisizim of cultural negatives make those that do it lose thier credibilty. Calling every criticism “racist” is just one negative,race specific characteristic of the black culture.

Of course but I do think it will be more black to white racism!

If someone decided to just become racisit because i called them racisit then they must secretly already be haboring those types of feelings.

If i just called you stupid everyday would you actually become dumber? If a tree fell without anyone to hear it fall does it make a sound? Theres no real answer to these types of questions.

not much, deep within you know if one has racist feelings against any group of people, people accuss people of all kinds of things every day, doesn’t make it true

Black racism is the result of white supremacy.. always..

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