After liberals get gay marriage, what’s the next perversion they want legalized?

I am thinking either NAMBLA will start their campaign next.

Either NAMBLA, or they will want to marry animals, or legalize beastiality.

Christians would be blamed by way of fact the legalization of gay marriage won’t make anybody chuffed. Make no mistake, the bill of Rights is below attack via the elected officers who prefer to abolish the rights of the consumer-friendly guy so as that they are able to earnings power, money, and status. Politicians prefer to be multi-billionaires who in basic terms get elected so as that they are able to get wealthy in workplace one way or yet another. Politicians prefer to be the only members of the top classification.

Why should marriage be defined by the government? Why not leave the decision up to the people wanting to get married and the minister they want to get married by? We should leave idea’s like gay/straight marriage up for debate with each other instead of regulating what people can and cannot do with their personal lives. If you think that someone is doing something wrong then be a man/woman and tell them face to face instead of hiring the government and their agents to do that.…

‘Perversion” is an interesting term.
If it is ‘natural’ for someone to want to love and marry someone else, what is ‘perverse’ in that?
I’m sure enough in who I am, and what I believe in, that I know what’s right for little ol’ me.
“Just because someone else wants to jump off a bridge…” is still a good rule to live by.
Live your life, and let others live theirs. Everyone will be a lot happier, that way, especially you.
Best Wishes.

All ready ,that show sister wives,they were talking about if gays have legal marriage then they should to.After that people will want to be able to marry their dog.

human rights is a perversion?

I’m thinking marriage between unchaste individuals, or maybe inter-racial marriage, or maybe interfaith marriage, or maybe marriage between individuals from different classes.

Only a minority believes its a perversion.

Consenting adults. Two quite simple words; why do you find it so difficult to understand them?
Why don’t you just get on with your life and let other people get on with theirs?

Yeah, homosexuality is the same thing as pedophilia.
It makes sense if you don’t think about it.

Two consenting adults wanting to get married is not a “perversion”.

your pedophile fantasies are.

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