Do U Feel Bad When U Forgotten Ur Friend’s Birthday..?

…Im bad with my memories ..especially on numbers & dates…..i feel bad wen i forget my friend’s birthday!!

you forgot mine

it is OK
don’t feel so bad
I understand in today’s hectic world and millions of things bombarding every-ones brain it is hard to remember stuff


good luck

PS I believe I forgot yours too…

I forget all the time so I have a calender that i post importantly dates on and I check that first thing everyday. I never forget then as I am constantly reminded of the importance of friendship.

Me too Sugar. That happened just once. I rectified matters by taking that friend and his wife out to a good restaurant for a first class lunch. They protested that it wasn’t necessary to go to such lengths. But it did to me. I always believe that the day should be marked. I failed to do that and so the lunch was the best way. I felt better.

I am frank and honest. I dont remember any of my friends’ birthday. Hence I dont have risk of forgetting. LOL

WE beg sorry, and we all send lot love full good washes of your birthday. OK give a smile

Yes I do. I have so many friends, it’s hard to remember their birthdays.

agreed with first answerer, i just always hope its their real birthday, im bad at remembering things bc i have too many friends 😉

no…I didnt lose any sleep over it either . I always remembered and celebrated all my former friends B-days all the time…..
BUT they always forgot mine most of the time….oh well it sure sucks to be them right now…=)

Actually, I have a pretty good memory, so I hardly ever forget. —–


Most of the time,my friends don’t even mention it either,so I can’t help it! lol

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