George Galloway a Muslim?…

I know that he has tried to appeal to the Muslim community in Bradford and his party has quite pro-Islam policies. His attempts to appeal to this sect have ended up in him using some sedition. But I wouldn’t think he’d take it this far… Would he?

Nobody knows whether he is or not. If he is then he would be an extremist one which is worrying. What we do know is that he supports Islamic terrorism and even aids it. He encouraged Islamic Insurgents to rise up and fight UK and US troops and UK troops to lay down their weapons in the Iraq War which is pretty much treasonous.

He has been seen dancing in the streets of Beirut with Hezbollah who were signing death to Jews songs. Blood money from the Oil for Food Scandal which resulted in the deaths of many babies and young children in Iraq passed through the accounts of his Mariam Appeal chairty for which he has never released the books for despite saying he would. It hasn’t been conclusively proven that Galloway personally received the funds, but there is pretty good circumstantial evidence that dirty money was pilfered to his organisation with his knowledge.

He supports the old Communist Soviet Union, responsible for the deaths of more people than Adolf Hitler, including many Muslims in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other places, yet opposes the US and Britain removing a brutal “SS-styled” dictator in Saddam Hussein, someone who he admires the “courage and indefatigability” of and addresses as “Your Excellency”. The same someone we captured hiding in a hole like a coward, afraid of his own people whom he had brutalised and slaughtered for decades.

He couldn’t care less about the uneducated, illiterate Muslim population of Bradford West who were stupid enough, or naïve enough to vote for him. He is a one-issue person. Someone who bears a major grudge against his own nation, the US and democracy, and will back any other foreign regime, whether Communist, Fascist, or Islamofascist, against.

Not only has Galloway encouraged young impressionable Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, World Wide and indeed in his own country to rise up in a holy jihad and fight against the troops of his own nation and her allies, and also his and their own people too, he has also approved and encouraged the murder of the elected at the time sitting leader of his own country saying that the assassination would be “morally justified”.

He has more than probably benefited from the deaths of Iraqi babies and children from the UN Oil for Food Scandal, as it is likely he obtained funds from this through his supposed charity that has helped him politically and financially to fund his political agenda. If anyone were morally corrupted it would have to be extremist George Galloway. It would not surprise me if he was a Muslim and had converted. They don’t have to be truthful to unbelievers!

Unfortunately the people of Bradford West are either stupid, thick, uneducated, illiterate, gullible, pondlife for being sucked in by Galloway, or they actually support Islamic Extremism hence why they voted for him which is altogether more worrying.

To call the second largest religion in the world which is supported by 23% of the world’s population, some 1.6 billion people a “sect” is absurd and disrespectful to all Muslims.

Isn’t it one of the benefits of our multicultural society that it does not matter what religion you are? I certainly judge public figures by their actions, not their faith or lack of it.

George is george, he is a self publicist end of but he always has an audience, he is damn savvy – little lacking on facts – good deal of spin and well done to through thought out repartee.

He reminds me very much of oswald mosley

Edit – I do not agree with him but he is damn good at avoiding issues.

He is a millionaire trotskyite who enjoys a celebrity lifestyle and will tell you anything if it gets him on the front page

Shaun, how can you be racist against a religion! (pillock)

Surely not. Although, I plan to repent on my deathbed……maybe he is just doing it early.

Are you a Jew or are you aspiring to be a Jew?

No, he is just an idiot.

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