How could anyone really follow the bible to the letter? Yet is christianity not based on the bible?

(Lev. 20:13). “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.”
If it is discovered that a bride is not a virgin, the Bible demands that she be executed by stoning…

We cannot follow it to the letter. That is exactly why Jesus came to set us free from our sins!

You should take Nahum off of the list, because that was a prophecy, not an instruction to lift up someone’s skirts and pelt them with filth. And 2 Kings 18 was also not an instruction to drink “piss” and eat “dung.” It was actually meant to stir up anger in the town, because those things were very much against Jewish law. It was considered as unclean as eating pork or shellfish. In fact, in another passage, God tells the Jews to never leave their waste uncovered, and to make sure their waste was well away from any camp. There are some pretty smart guidelines for sanitation in the OT, and that’s one of them. It’s too bad peasants and nobles in the Middle Ages didn’t go ahead and follow them. Maybe there would have been less disease.

Now, as for all of the passages except for the two in Mark, those were written for Jews, by Jews. Gentiles are not and have never been under Jewish law. For Christians, the Jewish Tanakh is merely history, with some mythology, poetry, and allegory mixed in. And actually, even the Jews (except for Orthodox Jews) regard most of their own book as some history, with mythology, poetry, and allegory mixed in. They don’t stone each other for every offense, though they do keep kosher.

I take issue with any website that merely paraphrases what a passage says, instead of actually quoting it. Mark 10 does NOT state that divorce was forbidden in both Testaments. It says that divorce was allowed. But Jesus says that any man who has divorced his wife for any reason besides adultery is sinning, and any person who remarries after divorcing for reasons other than adultery are also sinning.

Mark 12 is not stating that that law applies to Gentiles. Jesus was asked a question by the Pharisees, who were attempting to trap Him. They wanted to know who a woman who was in that position would be married to in the afterlife. Jesus told them she wouldn’t be married to anyone. In the case of that particular Jewish law, that was only if the widow AND her late husband’s brother agreed to it. There are no accounts in the OT of any woman being forced to marry anyone.

But why attack only Christians? The OT was the Tanakh long before Christianity existed, so maybe you should also be asking why Jews don’t follow the laws to the letter.

Here’s the problem with buying into the “conventional wisdom” and simply taking what others have written as the “gospel truth” and copying and pasting what they’ve written: you get the wrong idea, and you look foolish.

Every single verse you post is: A) taken out of context to give a different meaning, B) from the Jewish scriptures (not addressed to Christians), and C) used without an understanding of the cultural relevance in which the original appears.

Even the verse you take from Mark, which is the New Testament and is specifically addressed to Christians, is quoting the Old Testament. The quotation is asking Jesus to clarify something, not making a command to bear children with the spouse of a dead brother.

Simply put, the source you copy and paste from is ignorant. That’s sad, but what’s so much worse is that you’re accepting this ignorance without investigating it yourself. That’s just stupid; it’s the intellectual equivalent of hiding your own head in the sand.

Having been a Christian for many years, I am convinced that God and his word can stand up to our questions and investigations — if we’ll investigate fairly and seek to eliminate all bias. Try it out. Challenge God himself, if you dare, and show his word to be wrong based upon unbiased searching on your own. Don’t take someone else’s word — including mine — as an explanation. Try it.

God gave His people rules to follow in Exodus 20 and If what you read in the bible doesn’t line up with those rules it is because the people disobeyed God. That’s why eventually God chucked them out and send His Son to sum up for us what he meant and how His laws are supposed to be followed in the true spirit not corrupted. The Christians have done away with them altogether but that is a different story.

At the end of your summation you write ‘There are many worse things written in the bible that are not suitable for a site that young people may see’. Keep in mind that the bible is an historical account and when you read the bible and it does not line up with God’s Commandments, IT IS NOT GOD, it is people mucking up, that’s why God divorced them. when God said, Do not kill, He meant it.

Adam and Eve were given eternal life but instead of God, chose to follow the serpent’s directions and had been warned in advance that this would cost them their lives.

God didn’t kill them then and there, as a natural consequence of their actions, they forfeited eternal life.

Nor did God kill Cain for slaying his brother Abel, he also was allowed to live out his natural life but no doubt forfeited eternal life.

Yes, you can follow the bible to the letter if you understand that God is good and whatever in the bible does not line up with that, is not God. God said, Do not kill.


That’s why the bible is BS!!!!!! If there is a god do you think he really is so hateful to punish us for farting in public? I mean c’mon. it was written by men who had feelings and hate. Not god and if all these laws that were made by god were to be in effect. Saul would’ve never became Paul and he would’ve been stoned to death. Paul was a murderer and a persecutor of the Jews yet he “straightened” his life out and became a god fearing man. I say he was a [email protected] DAMN thief, but who cares what I think. As far as all the “they will certainly be put to death talk” we all die and its not for murdering or screwing someone before were married or someone else when were married. And it’s not by being stoned to death. Unless you’re snoop dogg or Willie Nelson, this doesn’t happen and what a great death that would be. OH SWEET CHEEBAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We die from cancer and heart attacks because we worry about SH!T like this all the time.

Christianity is based on Christ’s teachings, however others seem to think differently. The books by the Apostles are rather non-Christlike, so I’d let them slide if you want the good stuff.


lol wow you made it through the first 5 books of the Bible. only 61 more to go! If you manage to make it through 34 more of those books you will actually get to the part where it starts telling Christians what they should do. Happy reading! See you next year!

Most Christians follow the New Testament. Jesus teaches the same principles, but delivers them in a much less austere manner.

Nobody follows the bible to the letter. Therefore, when someone argues “Well, the bible says…”, there argument is automatically null and void.

Any MORAL person who acknowledges the bible contains these verses (and there are many many more), would deconvert, like I have.

Even though they are Old Testament laws, they are still acclaimed to God.

If you followed it to the letter the first half of your life you would be Jewish and in the second half you would be Christian. >_<

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