I’m starting to lose faith in God and I’m afraid that I might become an Atheist…PLEASE HELP ME CHRISTIANS!?

What should I say to myself so I can build more faith in God? I’m starting to believe i’ll become an atheist. A question I usually find myself asking is “Why does God say it’s a sin to lust over a woman or man, but yet, during puberty, it’s VERY COMMON to think about sex and such.” And “If God wanted us to all love…

First, stop watching those foolish, worthless Satanic movies, they will never benefit you in any way. Watch Godly things.
God understands sexual feelings. But when we lust, we lead ourselves into sexual sin in our heart and in our actions later. We have to keep our minds off of how we feel, off of sexual topics. We have to keep ourselves busy with other things.
There are atheists because they don’t believe in God. That has to do with the lies of Satan and with them; has nothing to do with God; Christ died once, for all.
I’m very thankful you want to repent of your sins and that you love what Jesus has done for you on the cross.
Never debate Jesus or listen to the lies of unbelief in the world. Pursue Jesus and God with your whole heart and you will be just fine.
You can email/message me if you like.
God Bless.

Look at the proofs and non proofs,we had to have a creator to be here. Life didn’t pop out of no where, the universe wasn’t just always there.I have looked hard at the Big bang theory and find it hard to swallow that the everything erupted from one tiny atom! Nothing can only make nothing! Scientists would agree the earth is as significant as a grain of sand in the vastness of the universe, a pure random chance. Yet those same scientists that claim our insignificance would hold the knowledge to the beginning of time and space.(lol) From the only explosion that ever created and not destroyed! Explosions generally cause destruction and chaos not balance and order such as our solar system. And Darwinism is a theory with incomplete evidence to back it up despite the scientific community trying to fabricate the evidence. Believing in a created or non created world both require a leap of faith and I know which way I am leaping.As for church…my church is in my heart where i believe the true church of Jesus is.As for the Bible,yes it can be hard to digest but I only read a little at a time but I believe it was written for people who truly want to know God.Thats why most(but not all) atheists can’t be bothered reading it.My faith is stemmed from what me you on this earth and the scientific law of cause and effect would suggest it is for a reason not random chance. But people will always attack christians and their beliefs as some feel they are wise beyond their years.If they are that wise they will live and let live.I hope you make the right choice.;)

God’s greatest commandment for relationships between people is to love one another. “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” By lusting after a person, you mentally degrade that person into a slab of meat–and eventually you forget that the object of your lust has feelings, that their well-being goes beyond the physical.

If and when you act upon your lusts, those actions will hurt you and your partner. That will damage the spiritual aspects of you both and that will detract from the relationship. Someone will be hurt. Someone being hurt is a guarantee. The physical part of a relationship, though a beautiful thing, only makes up about 1% of the relationship. Lusting warps what a relationship is really about.

God knows about your lusts beforehand. He knows we are weak. God knows we are just dust. That is why he sent Jesus to take the punishment of our sins. So don’t rack yourself over “sins”. God knows we have problems. Just focus on the greatest commandment: Love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. If you focus on the positive, your heart, mind and soul are the farthest from the negative.

As for atheists, God does love atheists. It is just that atheists don’t love God. Atheists don’t want God. God allows an atheist to choose. The atheist chooses to fervently deny God’s existence. The athesits does whatever it takes to convince himself that he is not accountable to a higher authority.

And so the atheist takes the Bible out of context, they make up their own contexts. Amongst themselves they tell each other what they want to hear. They find comfort in each other’s baseless assumptions. In the end, they want to take matters of good and evil into their own hands, and ignore the fact they hurt people in the process. The poor decision the atheist makes is the same poor decision Adam and Eve made — which resulted in the cause of all death and strife in the world. Plummeting the depths of the knowledge of good and evil has nasty results. Better to trust God over such issues.

To an atheist, by definition, everyone is just a slab of meat; though deep down, if they were honest with themselves, they now that’s not true.

For one thing you should read your Bible more. Lust isn’t a sin, it only becomes a sin if you act on it, and that’s your choice. Even the most sex-obsessed teenager on earth can choose not to have sex if they don’t want to. The answer to your second point is that God very much wants us to love Him, but He won’t force us to. He desires our love to be given to Him freely, and since that’s the case, it’s unavoidable that some people will choose not to love Him. Their relationship with Him is not your concern- your relationship with Him is what you need to focus on. As for your third point, you already know that once you’ve asked God to forgive you for something, then He wipes it clean away, forever. You have no reason to ever feel guilty about it ever again or to waste a split second thinking about it. In His eyes it never happened. As to why you don’t cry at horror movies. . . well, maybe it’s because you know they’re not real, and the Crucifixion was. Reality tends to make a more lasting impression on people than make-believe.

I think that you should stop worrying so much!

Skepticism is a natural part of faith. Everyone has it sometimes.

Mother Teresa, who has been a model for Christians everywhere, had a period of spiritual poverty and doubt that lasted for years. The Catholic mystic St. John of the Cross referred to this as the “Dark Night of the Soul”. It is considered to be a blessing in disguise and a way to grow spiritually.

My suggestion is that you take it easy, and try prayer — even if you’re not sure that He’s listening.

Faith comes through hearing and hearing through the Word. I suggest to you to start reading the bible every day. You don’t have to read a lot just a little each day and bit by bit your faith will grow. You will begin to understand things. It is like planting seeds. After you plant them you go out there and look at the dirt and day after day you see nothing but the dirt then one day you look and there is a sprout that came up then a stalk then a flower finally a fruit. But all the while when you saw nothing the roots were growing under the dirt. That is how faith grows. Plant some seeds as soon as possible.

Why would you be afraid that you might become an atheist? Many of us have been atheists for many years and we probably have less fears than you do.

We are still good people who know the difference between right and wrong, but we have a lot less guilt about doing perfectly normal things like having sex.

Additional Details:
If God exists and he is fair, then he would never send you to Hell for disbelieving. That would be infinite punishment for a finite “crime,” and that would be a great injustice. If God is capable of such injustice, then I wouldn’t want to go to Heaven and spend eternity in his company anyway. If you really think about that, you will realize the truth behind it. I would MUCH rather disbelieve and be wrong, than believe and be wrong.

If I believe and I’m right, I lose nothing and I gain nothing.
If I disbelieve and I’m right, I lose nothing and I gain nothing.
If I believe and I’m wrong, I’ve wasted an entire life AND I lose an afterlife.
If I disbelieve and I’m wrong, I still had an entire good life AND I gain an afterlife.

As an atheist, I have NOTHING to lose and can only GAIN. A believer has NOTHING to gain and everything to LOSE.

Did you ever notice how often Christians say “Don’t listen to the atheists”? That’s because they don’t want you to be exposed to truth, reason and logic. It’s a brainwashing technique. As long as you only listen to ONE source of information, you will start to believe it, even if it’s a lie. As an atheist, I would rather see you listen to BOTH views and make your OWN decision. Look at the advice from the other people; the atheists only give you suggestions while the Christians only judge you and give you commands. Think about THAT, and remember which side gave you true freedom of choice, and which side tried to “trap” you and control your mind.

Don’t lose faith in Him. For Satan is trying to take you out of line. Don’t go for atheism. Don’t you remember that Jesus said Himself that there would be many who wouldn’t believe in Him. And that’s what it is today. Sex is not a sin. But you can’t have it before you marry someone. I know it’s quite hard now a days. But we are human beings & we are to mistake, for even the St. Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus mistook by denying Him 3 times. But there is also forgiveness of God. God loves us all; please try to get His love. Don’t lose faith in Him, you’ll have all the answers to your questions at the judgment day & you’ll even see what will happen to the atheists. Just wait for that day. Don’t look at the world of now a days for it’s almost at the end & it has been changed a lot. Godly life might be hard to lead, but it’s better than leading a life of sin so called “good life” by the world of today. Don’t go to sin when you know you shouldn’t. When you cry for seeing Jesus’ crucifixion, be sure that you still have love left for Him & you are not yet distracted. Pray to God to help you drive away the Satan that’s appearing thoughts against God in your mind & pray that you might not lose faith in Him & that He strengthens your faith enough. I pray for you too.

I don’t think you’re losing your faith. You are starting to question things in the bible and what you have been taught in church. That is a good thing. If you can question your faith and still hold on to it, you will be a stronger person. Don’t stop believing what you believe. But don’t stop trying to find what is right for you to believe in.

Here is the deal ~ sometimes we go thru phases that make us grow thru life so right now you are doubting and lacking faith. If it never happened it wouldn’t be spiritual growth it would just be going thru the motions
You have to run thru it but know that when this happens it is you becoming stronger ~ right now is the best time to really step up your game w/ prayer, reading the word, servant leading(volunteering) and journaling is really a great way to get through this time ~ write to God
Sometimes when you have these things happen it is because God is getting ready to move you to the next level and basically you are going from infancy to toddler and so on and so fourth
We are all God’s children ~ he developed our DNA to grow in his plan so stay strong and grow to your next level
Sometimes it is so hard but in life things are hard even when it is dealing w/ God’s plan for you

Much Favor and Blessings

Yes, God wants us to love and obey but He doesn’t force us. We have a choice. The facts that thousands choose not to believe should not trouble you more than your own salvation. They are exercising their free will to not believe.
Keep on praying – really praying according to the example He gave. When you want to follow God there is always going to be temptations to pull you away. It is called the struggle between good and evil that has been there since the beginning. Keep your eyes on the victory – heaven.

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