Isn’t it interesting that the electoral college basically has Hussein Obama/Sidney McCain even?


Throwing out the “gray states”, basically we have a tie.

This strongly suggests that Obama’s has had significant drop in popularity (two months ago, this same link had Obama with 320 + electoral votes).

Isn’t it amazing that…

I agree. McCain will be our next President. If you factor Ralph Nader in (which many polls that show Obama leading do not), Obama is down as much as 10%.

The GOP is bringing a lot to the table, and Americans are taking heed. That is why we will win and retake Congress as well.

LOL. If the election was today, then we could say with at least 80% certainty all who wins in all but 4 states – NV, VI, OH and NH. The problem is, Even if mccain won all those, the electoral vote is 269 to 269 and guess what, that means democratic congress decides. Guess who they would pick.
In reality it looks like NH and NV will probably go to obama so it wont be a tie anyways. VI could definately go his way too. OH could probably go mccain’s way but that wont make much diffence. Here is what the electoral-vote could very well look like right now, based on

McCain needs to find a way to gain another state or two, and the problem is no one wants him. Face it, this election right now is Obama’s to lose not mccain’s to win and thus far it doesn’t look like Obama is going to be too accomodating. If anything comes out from troopergate, this election will be around 55 – 43 percent obama with 2 percent going for 3rd party candidates and at least 340 electoral votes going obama’s way.

You GOPigs love to use Obama’s his middle name to try to insinuate he is somehow antiAmerican. But do people really give a shyt? Thats why there are so many Obama supporters and that is why he is going to be the next president.

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