We are really lovely couple.We love each and other almost 3 yrs+. Before we married,he always want to have sex with me.Usually once a week. But now,he dont want have sex with me. we married on 14.05.2011. Around this two week,we have sex only two times. But,he love me alot,take care me,do whatever i want, always…

Did you try spending more time doing things he enjoys? Try going dancing together, like take a Salsa class together or go Swing dancing. Go to clubs, but he might find other women there. Try playing his favorite sports with him and showing an interest in things he enjoys and try talking to him about his feelings above all. Listen with an open ear and an open heart and see if something is bothering him at work or if he is secretly having financial problems he is not telling you. If he is seeing someone else, then confront him about it. If nothing works, suggest couple’s therapy. Good luck. Oh and one more thing, try bringing the romance back into your lives. Cook a nice meal for him once in a while and serve it to him in the dim light of candlelight with soft music playing in the background. Try taking a bath together and trying different positions. Read the Kama Sutra for extra help.

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I know a guy just like that,but he wants her number really bad,shes afraid she cant handle it,thats what the hell it is.Anyway he wants to start doing what he has to as soon as possible.He has to prove somethiing to everybody especially her dad.If his money wasnt in the bank he would roll.But here we are again.Since you wont talk to me again.You must have some other guy too,ha, ha. How am I gonna survive damn it.I love you so!Well I have stuff to find out<you were supposed to do that,but lets play games?

Sweetheart, what else do you need. If he’s working everyday supporting you in every way, what the problem is? SEX!!!
I guess some where down the line you get mad at him because he wants it to much.
Be his wife not his stenographer.

Guys can be so unpredictable!! He’s probably wondering what did he do and did he make the best choice. just do your very best to stay looking good, smelling good, cook and clean and most importantly no nagging. Pray for your marriage please and give it to God.

Men are not meant to be monogamous…..Its just a fact and it probably has nothing to do with you as a person.

I guess he’s getting old

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