Plz help me!! Answer mine, Ill answer Urs, 10 points!!?

Ok, I am in love with a guy he loves me too or says he does
he is compltaly sweet and amazing , We can’t date though ( dont ask why lol )
Ok, well He says he loves me but i dont know in which way so i asked him , and I was like Are u IN love with me or not and he was like yes i love u and i was like ok but in…

Date me instead hunny 😉

Just so you know, I seriously doubt you talk 24/7 literally, since that would mean that every single second of every day you are on the phone, and I think after 10 minutes of your incessant whining I would hang up.

dude this is a no brainer its obvious he loves u

i think ur a little paranoid cuz of the fact that ur thinking way 2 much …
ur thinking of prolly everything that might go wrong or something

or ur just paranoid …lol

just callm down take it slow .. enjoy it he loves u u love him .. take one day at a time …

dont think to much just cross the bridge when u come up 2 it ..

if you like him too, then just trust him. if you keep askin’ him he might feel that you don’t trust him…. i can’t really say it, but when i’m in his shoes and showing my love to my beloved, it would be insulting to get a “are you really in love with me?” in exchange.

the guy’s trying his best to show you his love. so do the right thing and respect and trust his intentions like he’s someone you love ( you said it yourself…) or he’ll leave you.

Yeah, I’d say he is
but be careful
that sounds soo much like my ex boyfriend
and he turned out to be a cheating prick.
otherwise, go for it 🙂

he seems pretty committed to you and i think he’s genuinely in love with you.
you don’t need to worry about it. don’t be so insecure.
in the end, if it’s not meant to be, then you can’t really help it, but in your case- i think he’s in love with you


Yes, I think he is. Go for it.

He is fake.

idk baby..

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