Poll:do you fantasy fairytale or a love story in your real life….?

Like there is a princess or a prince charming waiting for you…….,do you dream of your love story to be same as written in books or shown in movies……?

Yes its nice sometimes to think of it that way

I prefer I love story as I have passed the age of fairy tales. The net has broadened the scope for such fantasies. they are no more limited to horses & palaces they have moved to wards planes & Disney land &move around the world.

Id go with fantasy/Fairytale. Its got the whole package, love, romance, epics, real psychological drama.

Yes, I would like 2 have such like u. E-mail me at [email protected]

Yes i believe there is a price for me. But most likely there isn’t.

Been there and done that !!

Fantasy time is over for Howie.

nope. welcome to reality, beotch. you’ll soon learn how horrible life is, and how many problems you’re going to have. no prince for you, no princess for me. she’d have to respond to my messages on facebook first, which cleary isn’t happening

Boys mostly don’t,i guess.


yes :))

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