Potty Training a Five Year Old?

I know there are likely tons of parents that ask about this, though I consider this particular problem to be unique. This is mainly because we have been working on the potty training issue every day for about a year, give or take. The main problem we are encountering is that the child is autistic, and as a result…

Are you working with an Occupational Therapist? Ours helped us a lot when it came to potty training (our daughter understood not peeing on the floor, and would demand a diaper when she needed to go, would sit on the toilet happily, but couldn’t seem to put together we wanted her to pee in the toilet. She’s also quite behind with her language and social development (no diagnosis yet – we’re only pursuing one now).

I think a more structured routine may help in your case – either a timer, or if your day is already fairly structured remember to schedule regular potty breaks and get him to sit even if he doesn’t seem to want to go.

You need specialized support for this child due to his autism. Talk to your doctor and get a referral for a tutor or life coach who can help you learn how to communicate with your child and who can also help teach the child every day things like potty training, etc. If your insurance does not cover this, check with Social Services and see if they can help you.

would he wear a wrist watch?

you could try getting him one with a beep or alarm. set this too go off every hour (or when you think he needs to go…) and teach him to go on the beep.

he will get used to going more often.

most children take a while to realise they have to stop playing to do body functions.

he is 5 and not trained???

he should have been trained 2 years ago

punish him (lightly) and keep him in pull-ups not diaper, reward when he goes, make him go and sit on the potty when know he needs to (if u notice his signs)

Ok here it is. I was potty train in 1 day. No joke true story. My dad was like, fool use a toilet. there was some problems but man, one day. One day can change your whole life. I love you. I didn’t reaad what you wrote.

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