Seasonalvey: Do you ever watch the reruns of “Scariest Places on Earth” on Sci-Fi?

BQ: Do you believe that stuff or do you believe it is just sensationalism? Perhaps a combination?

i always found the show boring

They actually had a few new ones on there before they brought Destination Truth back.

I think with Scariest Places on Earth they planted a seed in the people’s mind before they ever set foot into the places they had them go into. It’s like….they set them up by telling them stories about the place or having them take pare in rituals and crap like that. So…if a person has that in their head they are going to hear things and to see things and to be scared shitless. That show was for entertainment purposes only.

There are many other shows on the paranormal that I’ve seen that I don’t feel that way about.

i’m!!! its with regard to the bell tower with the african american family ceremony? i prefer to be in this prepare sooo undesirable!!! ur ceremony its an extremely small island called pogvilia yet im uncertain of the spelling yet im incredibly specific you have it ceremony they reported that a physician worked there that bumped off the staggering of the cranium of his sufferers and moved the ideas around to seek for evil. then he ended up going insane and leaping off the tower. it exchange into an asylum i’ve got self belief and that they burned lots of bodies or perhaps buried and burned human beings alive. like torture!!!

i dont watch that but i LOVE ghost hunters on sci fi
i believe a lot of it, i lived in a house that had a lot of strange things happen while i lived there and a violent history, scared my kids to death

You still have Sci-Fi? Some idiot misspells ours as Sy-Fy. My intelligence was insulted and I blocked the channel.

if I had cable, if the scrap metalers didn’t rip out the copper wiring and other metals that support the whole damn cable system…the world is filled with what ifs…I believe. I have seen things. Scary things. and not just of this world 😐 for serious.

yeahh with that lady and she has a really creepy voice and she announces everything.
a combination of the both.

i like football, porno and books about war. i got a nice chesterfield and a nice hardwood floor. oly out

Never have



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