Someone from Texas told me people in Texas are all Fat and have low education thus a bad diet. Is this true?

Is it true that people with a low education eat unhealthy food because they don’t know any better and that’s why all the people (99% of them) in Texas are grossly obese?

Absoultly not! I lived in Texas for 4 years, and they’re no less intelligent, or more unhealthy then any other state. People from Texas are very proud that they are from Texas. You have to admit their accents are so awesome.
Everything is bigger in Texas!

No, just the ones that choose to be- same as in any other state. The thing is, there isn’t much public transportation in Texas, so people don’t walk to the bus stop or subway, everyone owns their own car and drives everywhere so they get less exercise than other people. The education factor is also the same as in any other state- they can’t help who their teachers are, you have to try your best to learn wherever you are. Laziness is the real issue.
I’m a texan, healthy weight, fairly skinny by most peoples standards, and I go to one of the top rated schools in the country.

Not true at all. Don’t listen to rumors. Is 120 lbs grossly obese to you?

Texans relish thumbing their nostril at many mainstays of familiar custom. I stated the form of enormous volume of issues in Texas that basically were previous conception, yet I stated them, so i understand it to be authentic. From the misspellings on billboards to images printed in a grade college telling “Yankees to bypass back the position they got here from” (In a grade college the position i develop into taking an aerobics classification. Garland TX) they’re fairly proud of their “rebellion” approaches yet they ought to not be. they in hardship-free words succeed at exhibiting how incredibly ignorant they extremely are and how immature they extremely are. G.W. is the epitome of the traditional Texan. Immature, pretentious, undereducated and so rattling arrogant. residing in Texas develop into an practise, one i did not elect. i might want to incredibly be sitting in Yankee land basically wondering Texans are ignorant than extremely have lived there and understanding it to be a real. do not get me incorrect, I made some outstanding acquaintances in Texas, yet maximum of my acquaintances were transplants, no longer interior of reach to the state. i’m so grateful that i develop into waiting to flow out of that state, i basically won’t be able to inform you approaches grateful i’m. strong question. Peace.

That is totally incorrect. I live in Austin and I dont see that at all. In fact, New Mexico has the highest, thus having the reservations and all. Dont be hatin’ on Texas.

who ever told that to you is wrong I live in texas I now lotts of healthy people its just like any other state

Well…years ago I moved from Kansas to Texas. I weighed a whole lot less then than I do now. I just got bigger and bigger and never moved back. But as I grew bigger and bigger ..guess what? I got smarter ‘n smarter….go figure!!!!!!!!!!!

Like the old saying goes it takes one to know one.

Why do you post drivel? **** I hate idiots…This site has so much potential but retards **** it up for all.

That is the stupidist thing I’ve ever heard….

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