The “happy ever after” Disney ending…..?

Do you keep the dream alive and keep hoping for the “happy ever after” Disney ending or accept its all “Nightmare on Elm Street”??

Awwww Happy Endings…..hugs

I don’t do scary movies, if I have to, I cover my eyes and peek thru my fingers….lol

I seek the happy ever after and enjoy what I have…I do sometimes wander down elm street when self doubt peeks in but then I work toward the positive and walk away from what brought me to that nightmare. Sometimes to find the happy place you have to cut your losses and realize you can not handle everything and that you don’t have to. Live with no regrets, memories and what ifs are ok if kept to a min.

May you be blessed and live happily ever after.

Happy ever after. Which is easy. Especially when even a little ” Nightmare on Elm Street ” makes me happy.

Would not both depend upon the personal interpretation and subjective judgment of the individual?

If by “happy every after” one understands that life simply is that which it is, being neither good nor bad and that one lives as a part of the whole that is in interdependence than we can all attain such and end.

If by “Nightmare on Elm Street” one understands that he or she has chosen to live in a subjective interpretation in which one is necessarily unable to overcome supposed obstacles and is thereby doomed to failure then one can have this as well.

Perhaps it is best to realize that it is the nature of our choices and our understandings that are the journey of being.


You’ll have to strive for the Disney ending, even if it turns into Elm Street, since you need the idea of hope to survive.

Unless I’m a Disney character, and have a life that ends when I get my happy ending, then no

nightmare on elm street

Positive 1 Negative 0

we all hope for the ‘happy ever after’ ending, in real life though it tends to end up being a happy start, or middle. or end.
in real life happiest doesn’t always last, so you have to grab it while you can.

Beyond my control it occurs in system of thoughts . Comes and goes i witness it

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