What do you think about people living in South Africa?

My friends and I often get crazy comments about what people from other countries (especially the US) think of us here in South Africa. I would like to know what you think and what country you are from.

Well, I lived in United States, UK, different African countries, at the moment we reside in Dubai and home is in Moscow – the one thing I can tell with certainty – South Africa will always be the real home. People there are just phenomenal and South Africans are one of the few nationalities that can pull things together when they need to.

Despite all the crime and heaven knows there are in SA, our family still live there, everyone doing their own thing, friends, people we know.

SA is one of the places you can go to and experience the entire world in one country.

I came for a year (from the UK) to work, and have now been here for nearly 6 years and have applied for permanent residency.

I think I was lucky to be working for an NGO in a township so from day one met people of all races as colleagues and equals. I use public transport, including into the township, and have never felt threatened – in fact, even random strangers are friendly and look out for me. I find white South Africans more diificult, as they tend to retain racist attitudes and let that show when socialising in an all-white situation. In fact, I avoid those occasions (like a braai at someone’s house) because inevitably I will hear racist statements and I then have the choice of disagreeing and having an awkward silence, or keeping quiet and feeling that I am colluding.

As a frequent visitor to South Africa, I find the minority population to be more friendly and help full than the majority citizens. I have encountered more scams and sudden price increases at black operated businesses than in any other. I get the feeling that most people are living on a day to day basis and that there is a constant anticipation of will it get better or worse.
I live on the edge of the Pacific Rim in the Ring of Fire.

I lived in South Africa from 2005 till 2011

Some incidents happened but its like everywhere in the world. To me South Africa is a heaven. Its the most beautiful place on planet. If you love nature, South got the world’s best national park. South Africa is the only country which got its beaches on 2 oceans, and most clean beaches in the world. South African landscape varies, it has got desert, savanas, rain forests, mountains, jungles, scenic rivers and landscape, snow peaks, vibrant cities (Cape Town) ranked the world no. 1 in 2010 for tourists. People of all colors, races, religions living in it, its truly a rainbow nation, its historic heritage, though history is among the saddest in the world’s countries but they are preserving it. Lovely little towns in Free State, artitistic jewels like Clarens and Neiu Bethesda… Oh I can write a book. But in short every inch of South Africa is beautiful and sacred. Oh and I must not forget, if you love birds, than South Africa is the right place to be, and wildlife like all big 5 are at home whenever they are in South Africa.. Kruger National Park is the only one of its kind on planet… SOUTH AFRICA, I LOVE YOU

South African people the most hospitable in the world. Although they have just came out of system called apartheid something like 2 decades ago, but the way South Africans got together in such a short period of time, its amazing. I am not allowed to live in this country, if I am allowed or if I am allowed a second life, I would happy to be even a monkey living in South Africa then a man here 😉

I have been to 34 countries in the world so far, but very honestly their is no match of the great Kruger National Park, you wont see another Cape Town, you wont see another Bloemfontein. O my South Africa, I was not allowed to live in you but please let have my last breath on your land and rest inside your soil with my very own Vuvuzela next to me, whenever it may come.

I’d rather live in South Africa than America. It seems like a less delusional country,

I’m from England.

I’m from the United States, but I lived in South Africa for three years from 2008-2011, after I had lived in London from 2005-2008. I moved to South Africa because I got a great job opportunity in a company that had hired quite a few former employees of my employer in London.

I think South Africans are generally a warm and friendly people. I particularly found myself connected to Afrikaners. As a people, the Afrikaners reminded me a great deal of the people I found back home in the Southern United States, and not for the reasons you might think (i.e. racism). Some of my best South African friends were Afrikaners. I found them to be very hospitable, very connected with the outdoors, and holding many of the same values that I was used to back home. That’s not to say that I didn’t find those same qualities in many of the English-speakers and black people I met, but I was always struck by how much I had in common with Afrikaners.

I remember in 2010 when I was dating this wonderful South African girl. I took her back to my American hometown on a visit. My hometown has a population of about 500 and is the very southern part of Missouri (for the South Africans who may not know where that is – it’s in the center of America). A lot of my old friends were shocked when they saw my girlfriend, who was blonde, blue-eyed, and spoke Afrikaans. She got a lot of weird questions like “How can you be from Africa when you’re white?” and “So y’all speak African over there?” It was interesting to say the least.

I think south Africa is beatiful and seems very diverse. When doing a research project on Nelson Mandela and the apartheid rules, I want to know is it still separated?

What do I think about people living in South Africa? I think we’re rather priviledged!
I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

People are the same everywhere, much of how you experience them will depend on your attitude towards them

I live and laugh in South Africa

Yay the world thinks we rock accept for this person who answered above me who has clearly nevcer been here

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