What kind of Y!A question get lots of stars?

What kind of questions get lots of stars on Yahoo Answers, I only need 20 more to get to 1,000. It seems like people star fluffy questions more than serious ones, have you noticed any reliable trend in starring questions?

I star my contacts. So do H-Man and Dune, the Fyre Dog and various others who I have as contacts.

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OK, Steve, I went back and starred some of the quesitons where you gave me “best answer” so now you’re at 991 stars and even closer to your goal of 1,000 stars. I know you’ll be there soon.

some answerers star to keep track on questions
some answerers star because they want to share it with people in their network in hope someone will know the answer
some answerers star questions they have answered before and now are in tiebreak to give a hint to their fans to break the tie
some answerers give stars and forget about them
some answerers collect back their stars once the question is resolved /even if stars are abundant and free some do it/

there are so many stars in the skys

Okay, now you’re up to 995. What are you going to do with all those stars???? lol.

I haven’t a noticed a real trend, except usually the questions that evoke feeling get the most stars.

If you ask a question with the word “star” in it, you seem to get a lot … must be hypnosis.

Look, I just starred this one before I even read it or knew what it was about!

I only ask question when I absolutely need information I haven’t been above to find researching through Google, so I wouldn’t about any specific way to get stars… but I wouldn’t think there was any trick to it. Questions should be interesting, and often a question is interesting when the answer will be beneficial to others as well.

The bigger the controversy, the better the chance of getting stars from those that side with you.
I just went and gave each answer a thumbs up as I see you have a troll thumbing your answers.

I really haven’t surveyed it. But from what I’ve observed, those most often starred are questions of general interest that provide little known facts that are applicable in many people’s lives.

Now you only need 19 sweety! You could ‘stoop’ to begging, but seeing you won’t do that! Ask “how can I get stars without asking for them” hmmm!
Also ask any question then close with *star if you agree! It will work!!
Post in P&S!!

The quantity of your stars is dependent on the quality of your contacts not the question.

OK, I’ll give you a star. I bet H-Man and Dune will, too. Now you’re at 992.

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