Whats your favorite alcoholic beverage and non alcoholic beverage?

How would you know anything you turd you can;t even drink.

White Russian

Iced Sweet Tea

If I decide to drink (because I don’t drink alcohol) it would be Miller Lite and non alcohol beverage is Chocolate Quik-Milk, Sprite, or water.

Non alcoholic: Cherry Tango
Alcoholic: Blue WKD.


Vodka Tonic
Screw Driver

Green tea and spiced chai tea and strawberry smoothies
baileys chocolate mint and also coffee alcoholic drinks-ie; with kaluha etc.

Strictly non alcoholic any diet soda will do

Champagne and Diet coke

I don’t really drink, but I guess it would be Newcastle Brown Ale and then water or coffee.

alcoholic- mojitos or vodka lemonade
non alcoholic- coffee

alcoholic is vodka and diet coke, or sex on the beach cocktail, and non alcoholic is diet coke

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