Why Christians feel like they are victims of American Constitution?

They say that Christians created American Constitution , or at least they like to take credit for good part of Constitution. Today many of them are feeling as they are victim of the same Constitution . Constitution is preventing them to believe in Jesus and they do not have rights as they want to. Cycle of abuse…

No, they feel persecuted because the Constitution keeps them from persecuting non-Christians.

Ever hear the story of the Pilgrims? How they came to the New World for “freedom of religion”? The first chance they got, they outlawed everyone’s religion but theirs.

The Constitution grants no rights since all rights come from God. The purpose of the Constitution is to protect those individual rights that are already self-evident. This document prevents the government from establishing its own state religion and prevents the government from denying anyone the free exercise of their own religion. In both cases an individual’s right to believe as their heart dictates is protected. We have problems today only because the original intent of the Constitution has been twisted like a pretzel.

The Constitution has nothing to do with it. It is all the little laws that made to prevent the constitution to be applied
Court cases

In the 1994 case[72] Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village School District v. Grumet, Supreme Court Justice David Souter wrote in the opinion for the Court that: “government should not prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion”.[73] Everson v. Board of Education established that “neither a state nor the Federal Government can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion over another”. This applies the Establishment Clause to the states as well as the federal government.[74] However, several state constitutions make the protection of persons from religious discrimination conditional on their acknowledgment of the existence of a deity, making freedom of religion in those states inapplicable to atheists.[citation needed] These state constitutional clauses have not been tested. Civil rights cases are typically brought in federal courts, so such state provisions are mainly of symbolic importance.

In Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow, after atheist Michael Newdow challenged the phrase “under God” in the United States Pledge of Allegiance, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found the phrase unconstitutional. Although the decision was stayed pending the outcome of an appeal, there was the prospect that the pledge would cease to be legally usable without modification in schools in the western United States, over which the Ninth Circuit has jurisdiction. This resulted in political furor, and both houses of Congress passed resolutions condemning the decision, unanimously.[75] On June 26, a Republican-dominated group of 100-150 congressmen stood outside the capital and recited the pledge, showing how much they disagreed with the decision.[75] The Supreme Court subsequently reversed the decision, ruling that Newdow did not have standing to bring his case, thus disposing of the case without ruling on the constitutionality of the pledge..

I feel I am a victim of those who abuse the constitution and are allowed to by our government. And of those who want to do away with it because it has given many the freedom that so many do enjoy throughout many ages of time. Those who distorts its original meaning, and twist it’s intent.

Read your constitution, tell me where it says seperation of church and state, you won;t find it anywhere. My child can;t even carry a bible in school or write jesus on her shoe or have her own Christian club. It seems to me it is non-religious people that are paranoid! You think because i carry a bible, I will preach to you, or if Jesus is on my shoe, I am delusional, or if I have a club you will be swayed in that direction, I THINK atheist NEED TO STOP THINKING EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET THEM, when I was Atheist i only had one debate with a Christian, the rest left me alone!!! SO STOP THINKING WE ARE OUT TO GET YOU and stop being so mental!

I’m a Christian and I definitely do not believe that, get your ‘facts’ right. Don’t include me in any of your assumptions. Personally I can care less what the constitution says.

because christians have a tendancy to want to impose their beliefs onto others. When this is opposed they go into victim mode. Recent anti gay actions have not really helped their cause and to many of us christians are seen as intollerant and bigoted.

howdy my chum, the sickness contaminates in all places of this globe. i’m residing very far far flung from usa and reported dissimilar non secular (born returned or different christian or muslims) adult males from many countries and all of them have had a fantasy of grandeur feeling their superiority via exhibiting that they are the tool of their god.

Christians have trouble differentiating between government neutrality and hostility.

Because when someone doesn’t like them forcing their religion into government policies, some of them yell I’M BEING OPPRESSED!

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