Why do democrats hate republicans so much?

I am a Republican and do not agree with most Democratic guidelines, but do not bash democrats either. What is it that democrats hate about Republicans so much? Please keep it to educated, real answer, not “Cause they’re dumb”. Give me something better than that.

Because everybody thinks that there own opinion is the best one. So when people say things like stuff about abortion, then everybody gets in an uproar about it!

I am not a Democrat, but I did vote Democrat in the last election, I am very liberal and lean closer to Dem then Rep. I consider myself Independent. I certainly do not hate Republicans, I married one.
What I do hate (maybe hate is too strong a word, what I don’t like sounds better) is when people vote strictly down party lines without researching their candidates…both Republican and Democrat.
Most people who bash the other side are people who have not done their research on all of the issues and use ignorant and derogatory comments to try to win a debate because they are unable to come up with real and researched answers and questions.

We don’t understand how republicans could see the war in Iraq, over 200 billion dollars, countless lives, and our standing in the world trashed, unbelievable corruption and quid pro quo (lobbyists WRITING the laws), and the ineptness of the government to deal with basic functions such as disaster relief and medicare, and think that the democrats could not do better.

Hell a ham sandwich could do better than the republicans that are running the country! We watch you view the death, destruction, and the tidal wave of bad news and come to the conclusion that there is no better way to approach these problems, and it frustrates us.

Agree that most democrats do not “hate” republicans, that there is plently, that there is plenty of venom on both sides. However, it IS extremely annoying when generalizatons painting “all democrats” as this or that is made.

Do you understand that liberals and vilified with been denigrated and vilified by the right for over 20 years by Limbaugh, Haninity, Coulter, O’Reilly, Scarborough, Levin, Carlson, the Republican National Committe etc. etc. in the most personal and demeaning way — with little regard for the truth and that makes them angry?

I’ve been disappointed at the vitriol expressed on both sides of political discussions here. I believe it’s that we as a culture no longer value honest, open discussion, but prefer instead to participate in shouting matches. These only serve to further divide us from one another and eliminate middle ground.

Take, for instance, the case of Zell Miller (Democrat and former Georgia governor and senator). A true statesman (but less a politician), he was belittled, parodied, and politically crucified by both the elite of his own party and the mainstream media for standing by the courage of his convictions. The same has happened with the soon-to-be-former Senator Lieberman of Connecticut, who is *persona non grata* in his own party because he has refused to toe the party line in their vilification of the current administration.

I read recently that something like 75% of the small percentage of 18-25 year-olds who actually follow the news get their “news” by watching Jon Stewart. How many of them do you think actually read a newspaper (other than perhaps the heavily-bullet-pointed USA Today) from time to time and try and decide the merits of political topics for themselves? It’s much easier and entertaining to get your “news” from a comedian.

I sound (and feel) more and more like a curmudgeon each day, but I truly don’t see an end to the name-calling and mud-slinging, and, yes, even “hatred,” as long it is celebrated by a populace entertained by trash-talking comedians and athletes and always eager for a good, dirty fight.

I don’t hate Republicans. I have some very good friends who happen to be Republican. I just disagree with them ideologically. We can disagree without being disagreeable, to use a cliche’. I don’t enjoy being told by conservatives on this site what a horrible America-hating person I am, especially considering my military service. I wish there was more discussion and search for middle ground instead of name-calling and I’m-right-you’re-wrong.

I have a fundamental problem with this administration because they do not seem to invite any dissenting opinion. To me, there is no man more dangerous than the one in power who believes himself infallible.

Why do you attribute HATE to others? I have never heard a Democrat say “I hate Republicans”. Sadly, the two party system seems to foster disagreement. Republicans feel obliged to dispute the Democrat’s point of view, and vice versa. But I don’t think it rises to hatred on either side.

maybe they hate being bashed by rep. all the 2 parties do is fight and ***** and complain. They hardly ever do anything together. Look at the political commercials. Its a name calling game in politics today. Parties spend millions on advertisements when that money could be used for books and food for those less fortunite. its a sad world we live n’ these days.

I’ve seen bashing from both sides.

I’m a Liberal democratic patriot and I don’t hate Republicans…

I agree with you. I always get bashed for being conservative. The Dems. don’t like us b-cuz we are right wingers. they also can’t stand that we won the presidency. so they make stories up like the election as rigged or bush planned 9-11. What if Kerry(ugh) won? I don’t think they would be saying anything.

I see the damage the current administration is doing to this country I love so I want someone else to step in and fix the problems and correct the mistakes. The label given to the administration is meaningless, it’s the actions they take that I find reprehensible, not the party they belong to.

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