Why is Fox News accusing Ron Paul of buying straw poll votes?

Why do they want the corporate politicians win.

Because they figure that if people aren’t agreeing with them, there must be something very wrong. Can’t be that people have examined the facts and think they’re in outer space. ∠°)

Fox is the Republican mouthpiece. The media decides all the candidates in major elections, and they don’t want Ron Paul to win b/c he is a threat to their base. He is too rational for Fox or the Republicans. He encourages thinking and not blind consumption, whimsical stupid entertainment, and hate speech.

Paul paid for his supporters tickets to attend the event, obama did the same thing back in 08, its no big deal just not real “cool” its legal and done frequently

Reading your questions makes me glad I learned how to read. You might try it some time; a better understanding of English might help you not lie about what was said on the video.

massa says ron paul be evil an wons ta be taken away his slaves.

That guy needs to stop. He’ll never become president…


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