Why is rock the devil’s music, exactly…?

I just saw an answer somewhere saying that rock was the devil’s music or whatever and by listening to it and creating it, we’re going against God, or something.

But, I’m Catholic, and according to the Pope, we aren’t supposed to believe in the devil or in hell any more. So technically, if we…

Okay, I see it like science. Some deeply religious people tell us that science is bad and that it’s going where God said we shouldn’t. But all I have to say is look at all the lives science has saved! God gave us the ability to understand science (and music, don’t worry–I haven’t forgotten) for a reason, and that’s to use it. Some people use it for the wrong reasons, but the majority of people use it to better humankind. So all the medical stuff that saves lives, good, right?

Now to rock music. God gave us music. He gave us the mind and the ability to play, to learn, to hear music. Music is God’s gift, among everything, to us. Man takes this ability that God has given him (or her) and molds it into different kinds of music. You can’t say that all music is good, or that all music is bad. Good people make music and bad people make music. It’s human choice, just like science. But do you doubt that a lot of music makes people happy?

Moving on to rock, specifically, now. Rock music is simply NOT the devil’s music. It is absurd to label all rock as such, and I will tell you why. Yes, there are crazy satanist bands out there, but have you ever heard of Christian rock? It is ROCK music that sends a good, strong message and encourages us to embrace God and what He’s given us. Is that the devil’s music? Of course not. Now I’m not saying only Christian rock bands are good; there are plenty of other amazing bands that aren’t Christian, but aren’t devil music either, but that’s a whole other rant.

God, I don’t even know if all of this makes sense, but I had some time to ramble.

Well for starters the Pope has never said we “aren’t’ to believe in the devil or hell anymore” I’m not sure who you’ve been talking to but this is absolutely not true. The Pope and all of the Catholic Church continue to know, and teach, that Satan and hell are very real.

All rock music is not “of the devil” but some is evil and of the devil. It depends on the lyrics, and the purpose of the music. Offensive lyrics which undermine the teachings of Christ and his commandments to us can infiltrate a persons mind, their values and beliefs and be a part of leading them astray.

Rock music tends to be a worldly devotion. Many involved in the writing, singing and production of rock music support a lifestyle contrary to Christian values. That is why it is often shunned. It isn’t that a person cannot use their talents, they can and should…to praise God.

God did not create rock. Man created rock. God may have inspired man. And don’t listen to the pope, the catholic church is based upon solid ideals, but has become corrupt over the years. The devil is real and still at large.

The whole devil creating rock thing probably stems from the whole jazz thing. Jazz was the devil’s music, then Elvis created Jazz-infused country music which was the beginning of rock. Later on, artists augmented this with blues, which is also associated with the devil (robert johnson). That’s just my guess at least.

I was raised Catholic, but now I am an atheist. I learned about much of “the devil’s music” in CCD classes. The metal sign people flash at concerts (pinky and index finger up and thumb crossed over ring and middle finger) was explained as a sign of the beast because it represents 666. By looking at this hand sign with a side view, you can see that the fingers appear to make several sixes. The mosh pit was also pointed out and compared to beasts dancing around in the lake of fire. Many of the bands use satanic images and symbols — Kiss has lightening bolt S’s, pentagrams –Motley crue, goat heads –venom , drug references– rush , killing — too many to list , and the like.

honestly i hate it when people say that. rock music has nothing to do with God or the devil. and besides if you cannot believe in God believing in the devil. that is blasphemous. for every good there has to be evil. rock music was created by people not devils. all it is is just music lyrics and a style. besides a lot of rock, metal, and hardcore bands are christian bands that talk about God but you can’t understand most of them because they scream or growl. the devil did not create rock music. it is inspiration from what musicians see in everyday life and what they have gone through from growing up in there family. i hope this helps.

of course you neglected the early bans against dancing to fiddles . A play around became popular through fact the devil’s field through fact it provoked dancing. later on church human beings forgot .. form of. Jazz , ragtime and blues all have been race track and additionally theory to be devilish. It takes a at the same time as to lose your stigma and strengthen a stigmata. Techo and trance track would be performed with bursts of Barry Manilow … I had a resourceful and prescient of hell and be conscious of there have been some fairly undesirable bagpipers… talk approximately your youthful upstarts….

Woah. This is why catholics are sooooo f*cked up! Catholics have beleived in the Devil since Catholicism started (Half my familys catholic, not me though)! But now some guy can say there is no more Devil?! Religion is screwed up. Frankly I dont thiink just becuase its in the bible its true, but since i always get that answer to any religion question im going to say. The Devils in the bible therefore he exists. (Im christian but religion p**ses me off sometimes). Who said god doesnt like rock? Was it in your precious little bible?

Because it goes against social norms. Now rap is considered the devil’s music because its dirtier than rock. Rock is about being different and branching out which is not what the Church wants. They want people to only believe what the Church says and not think for yourself.

Well, Hammer Smashed Face is pretty much right. It was called devil’s music because it was inspired by American “black” music, which was in turn inspired by indigenous African music, which was “blasphemous,” “pagan,” “sexual” and whatever other stupid, ethnocentric labels you want to put on it. It was called devil’s music because of racism. And then, later on, it became called devil’s music because lots of artists, particularly in the metal and punk scene wrote songs that were purposefully blasphemous and anti-religious. I remember reading some book that said rock music turned rats gay too. I thought that was funny. Pretty stupid, but funny.

I don’t get why they say that either =P Rock is really good music, but maybe because it’s not calm and like other people have said, ususally goes against the “norm”

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