Why wont my 1993 pontiac grand prix turn over when I start it?

Friday I noticed the lights get dim when I use my power windows. Sunday my car wont start. Cant get in touch with my mechanic relative (the only mechanic who under charges me)

Sounds to me like you need a new alternator or battery.

Sounds like your battery is pretty dead. It may be that it is just old, or that the alternator is not charging in properly or maybe your interior light or something is left on and draining it. If you can get it going with a jump or boost from another car, let it run for a while (maybe an hour) then go to most any auto supply shop and ask them if they can test the battery.

A small battery charger may be a good investment until your relative turns up

I have to agree with Answerer 1, it sounds like you need a new battery of alternator. Then again you might just have a short in the wiring somewhere that has drained your battery. I would go get my battery or alternator tested. Most parts stores (AutoZone, Advanced, or O’Rielly’s) will do this with little or no charge. Then you can be sure what the problem is.

Classic symptom of corroded battery cables…replace the postive wire to the starter…the mechanic may have to dew this

you need to clean and repair the connetion of the battery wire on the starter motor, its probably corroded and dirty

after that it should jump start

Its time is up, those older cars have a sensor that shuts them down when they are a hazard on the road

3.1 engine ah they go throu starters tap starter while someone turns key this should start it and replace starter

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