Wouldn’t Condi Rice make the perfect choice for McCain to pick for VP?

Dr. Rice would be an excellent choice, but as Pres. I’d love to seen John Bolton as VP, just so he could intellectually smack the idiots in the Senate around a bit.
CSPAN could use a little excitement to pick up their ratings. And Congress could use a little smacking…

When choosing a VP a candidate has to think about what they gain. Bush is probably the last guy to select a VP that he thought would help him (seriously, nobody has ever liked Cheney, he’s gruff and impersonal). Every other candidate takes a running mate that gives them something like an advantage in a region, an ethnic group, or help to win a vital state. I like Condi, but she gives the ticket nothing. Blacks typically only make up 10% of the electorate and 90% of those that DO vote vote Democratic. A black GOP candidate won’t excite anyone the way a black Democratic candidate does. Think back to Clarence Thomas, you would have thought that people would be excited about the first black Supreme Court justice, right? Wrong. Condi gives you no advantage.

McCain, if he selects to gain a particular demographic, will either take someone like Charlie Crist (Florida = win) or Mel Martinez (Florida & Hispanics = win). Huckabee or Romney have been mentioned as possibles to “win over Conservatives” but the fact is that the Republicans will line up and vote for whoever is on the ticket to keep either one of the two VERY liberal Democratic nominees out of the White House. The only person I can think of right now that would really energize and excite Conservatives enough to get them out of their houses to vote would be Newt Gingrich. Newt was hailed as the second coming of Christ by Republicans before he had to resign after an affair (something, oddly enough, Democrats don’t have to resign for). If he were picked as a running mate the Conservatives who have been very un-excited about the candidates this year (Romney included) would suddenly get very energized and excited about voting.

I think it’s unlikely he will select Newt, but I hope you can follow the logic. Don’t think “who will be the best VP”, think “what VP would bring the most to the table.” Although, hell, McCain is a maverick he might pick someone and not care if they bring anything to the table. Either way, I doubt it’d be Condi. She can make more money (and not be treated like crap by the liberal media) in the private sector.

No. To have any chance at all of winning, McCain has to put as much distance as possible between himself and George W Bush. Condi as VP might woo a few conservatives, but won’t win any of the vital independents in the middle who are going to be voting for Obama in droves.

i don’t think of Condi Rice needs to be vice chairman. She is extremely tightly linked to the Bush administration impressive now. McCain needs somebody not so tied in with Bush and Sec. Rice needs some distance from Bush. I totally assume Condi Rice to be returned in some years and that i visit vote for her whilst she is. I agree, she is extremely qualified to be president or vice chairman. yet now could be not the time.

Well The person who said if she gets on her knees must ne a Clinton person cause that is what he would like..so you must be a democrat. No, I think Huckabee would be the best pick..Condi would be a good pick in the cabinet somewhere ..still in her same position..she has done a good job there. More experience and she will do good in a higher position in a few years.

I think that there are more qualified canidits for VP. So no. Besides I hate McCain..what does he even stand for..???

Sure … if you don’t mind someone who was an abject failure as both National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. But go ahead and use her as a double token if you think you can win.

Condi, or Colin Powell,
but Romney really wants it.

No, because she is the reason this country is in such a mess with our foreign policies.

Yes, I agree with you. Go Republicans! God Bless America !

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