16 Year old girl Broken Hip possibly?

Hey! So I’m a healthy 16 year old girl and my right hip is hurting so much. I’m home by myself with my twin sister for the weekend and after Volleyball Practice last night, my hip has been hurting like crazy.
I can’t stand up straigh because it hurts.
I can’t put any pressure on my right leg when…

You are a smart young lady to read up on avulsion fractures. Without an examination and x-ray, I would say that your potential diagnosis is right on the money. There are other possible diagnosis to rule out as well, but the treatment until you see the doctor is rest and ice/ heat. You can also try some Tylenol alternating with the Advil, but nothing stronger. Keep track of how much and how often you are taking medicine to tell the doctor when you are examined. Take it easy until you see the doctor.

The only way u can find out is get an X-ray. Go get it checked out. The longer u wait, the worse it will get. U don’t want it to heal weird and have a deformed hip.

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