89 Mustang gt 5.0 H.O vs 98 Porsche Boxter?

In a race… which will win?.. i own the Mustang… my cousin owns the Porsche.. both completely stock.. with the exception of headers and H pipe exhaust on my mustang.

Bad news, Ross. I have beaten Mustang GT’s with cutoffs with a 1980 Audi Turbo 3 speed automatic!!! If the Porsche doesn’t win, there is something wrong with it. It’s engine is more equipped for racing and high revving. I used to race my 1969 Boss 302. Don’t get me wrong, it was a real kick back then. If I still had this car, it would probably blow the doors off of BOTH your cars. The 5.0 liter Mustang could be a real killer, but you would have to buy some of Ford’s racing cams and other items to really get the most from it. It also depends upon gear ratios in the trans and in the rear end. My brother had one of those HOT Typhoon trucks. It was very fast, but most of the power was generated with the gear ratios. Actually, the build quality left something to be desired. The Boxster is a handling miracle, like many of the Euro cars. Don’t try to race a twin turbo VR6 VW, you won’t win there either. In the long run, any car can beat any car if there is enough money and expertise. Your Mustang, as nice as it may be, is only a hot engine in a so-so chassis. I would just LOVE to see this race in person. Will you be taking it from a roll or off the line. TO what speed??? THe Porsche will have the lead on top end. Don’t forget that the Autobahn has no speed limits on many sections of it. A car that was engineered to run all day at 150 MPH + is going to do better. Good luck, anyways.

I’m not a big fan of the “Crossfire Hazard Injection” the L83 motor is weak the Crossdresser Injection is just 2 throttle body injection units. The fuel system is pressurized just like any other fuel injection system. The cornering problem is when one injector is unregulated and causes fuel to puddle in the bottom of the manifold. A corner dislodges this fuel and floods the motor. Properly tuned, the Cross fire hazard has no such problem. There wasn’t a 5+2. I’m not a fan of the 4+3 manual transmission. Assuming that he has one at all. They were problematic. Later model 6 speed LT-1 C4 Corvettes are going to force you to spray but IMHO you got this 1984.

you will be ok until that porsche starts to feel its feet as the warp engines get going and then and then by by 1/2 mile your toast/maybe a couple of blocks you will be fine/many years ago i raced my 348 chev against a 426 hemi dodge/the 348 was fast/i spotted out 25 car lenths at the drag strip and when the flag man hit the switch i was gone baby gone/ about 200 ft from the end that dodge went by shakin the ground/felt him through the seats/ and thats a 1/4 mile

The Porsche is around 5.6 sec and you might be lucky to pull 6.0 sec.. Put some gears in the back end and you’ll smoke him!! 3.90’s or 4.10′ ratio…. well if its a half mile, he’ll kill you,, Dont race him unless its a short distance, and you’ve secretly geared it!! Nothing better than a smug Porsche owner loosing.

my 91 coupe smoked my friends boxter, but i have alittle more done than you, first of all you will need to beat him off the jump and quick shifting if you have a 5 speed. the boxter will definetly smoke you in a rally style race but a 1/4 mile drag you can get him with proper driving skills

the porsche more than likely, dont bet on the race. headers and h pipe dont give you that much more power…

i know those lil 5.0’s are dangerous cuz those 302’s are mean, but they sometimes hold up to their nickname “5 point slow’s”

0-60 will be really close, so will 1/4 and 1/2 mile
any kind of rally racing (corners, turns, etc.) the Porsche will smoke you

Uh I’m gonna go for the porsche just because I know how incredibly slow those stangs can be. 215 hp stock…so you have maybe 235 now…

To many assumptions, but my guess would be the Mustang by 0.5 seconds. It is very close, so it will depend on the driver, tires, launch, etc.

i agree put some gears in it and keep it under a 1/2 mile you’ll eat him. American cars were built for the 1/4 mile

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