Askvey: Who’s leading this mob?

You are, Mistress.

~bends over~

LOL No one leads a Mob and I did offer to take the cellar people while ya got busy.

I’d step up, but I know somewhere out there is some nut with a marshmallow gun that will splooch me.


Lynch Mobs not too long ago in the US would have tortured people like Sharpton and Jackson and hung them from a tree. It’s incredibly stupid of you to make this analogy. Your lack of schooling will eventually be your downfall.

Gayfish, Kanye West.

David Bowie wearing a Chewbacca mask?

Viva La Cellar!

Eric Cartman.

Captain Amorphous of the Amoeba Division, at your service, Ma’am.

The Sausage King….Buk!


You are all running one way and I am running the other. I must be leading.

I’m here for the beer and the possibility of a mosh pit.

The big sausage in the sky?

<—he’s somewhat, yet not entirely disturbed by the new avatar

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