Bathroom Period Kit for guests?

I would like to have something for my friends to use when they come over and don’t pack enough or whatever. They wear tampons. Please help me figure out what to put in the kit for them?

Tampons, pads, liners – different absorbencies for each, also opt for organic brands like Cottons or Natracare as they’re safer and hypo-allergenic so lower risk of your friends having allergic reactions.

Not sure why you’d need anything more than that, within your bathroom you should have everything they need – toilet paper, maybe tissues, and sink to clean their hands. The only other possible suggestion would be scented sanitary pad/tampon bags for disposal just in case they feel embarrassed about disposing of their used tampons and pads in your bathroom bin.

You don’t know what there flow is so you have to put a variety in this kit. I would recommend:
-3 pads- 1 overnight- 1 regular- 1 heavy
-10 tampons-2 lights-5 regular-3 heavy
-15 liners 1 for each tampon then extras

This is really unnecessary– when you have overnight guests, you’re responsible for providing basics like soap and toothpaste, and it doesn’t hurt to have a spare (unused) toothbrush in the cupboard. It’s not your responsibility to provide personal items that you guests might have forgotten– so no need to lay in a selection of tampons any more than there’s a need to to have a supply of contact lens solution, breath mints, mascara, hairspray, decongestants, toner, razors, etc etc.

Get a little bin and stick in like near the toilet or under the sink. Put a couple pads when they might not want to use tampons. Since they mostly use tampons, then put different absorbancies and a couple different brands and u might wanna bring it up in a conversation and ask them their favorite brands so u have an idea. Then put several liners for when they do where tampons so they dont leak, spotting, and even when they have discharge. U might even consider feminine wipes so they stay fresh. Hope I helped:)

I just like the Tampax pearl general for any guest that you just might have at your apartment. And for pads i like U by way of Kotex. I’d put a full box within the guest bathrooom. Because I wouldnt prefer to have a field of presents opened thats just my oppion. For pads I like the one’s with wing in order that they stay in place higher. I for my part like the unscented pads.

There’s really no reason for you to have to buy tampons for your friends. If you really feel the need to do so, just buy one box of a variety pack and leave it at that. If you use pantiliners, then let them have access to that as well.

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