Breeds like Rottweiler,german sepherd,doberman,Neo mastiff have Potential to kill a Strong Wresler ?

Just imagine and compare

will a strong wresler will be able to fight a rottweiler,geman sepherd,bull mastiff or doberman,great dane

rottweiler bite force was 327 Pound and had broken the buffalo bone

blah blah blah…. Rottweilers dont have the strongest bite, if youre into that…. Saw a program on Animal Planet that measured the strength of dog’s jaws, took 4 breeds and a grey wolf. The dog that has the strongest bite of all: the English Mastiff. why? because it was found that bite force is directly related to head size…english mastiff= biggest head.

Would a human, wrestler or not, be able to “fight off” any of these listed… well yes, the bull mastiff would give him the hardest fight… due to its weight being the heaviest. A dane, a shepherd and a dobie are “small” when it comes to discussing the Molosser breeds… so as such, they’d be I think, manageable to fend off. the Bull mastiff or Neo would be trouble.

There is a good book called “Gladiator Dogs” by Dr. Carl Semencic, it goes into detail about all these different guardian breeds… and how/whether they are “effective manstoppers”.

Ill tell you this much, you didnt even mention the breeds that are truly effective manstoppers when trained correctly: Look up these breeds.
Tosa Inu
South African Boerboel
Bully Kutta
Presa Canario
Dogo Argentino
American Bulldog
Fila Brasiliero
Caucasian Ovcharka.

A fit human being can usually handle a dog attack if they can be ruthless enough to kill the dog quickly. It also depends on the dog’s temperament, training and reason for attacking.

A dog protecting its yard or territory can inflict some serious injuries. But they generally stop if you move away from their “turf” far enough. However, if you are injuring or threatening the dog’s puppies or family, that territorial attack will seem like a love bite in comparison.

When a neighbor’s ex-husband attempted to kidnap his 6 y/o daughter, the family’s female Golden Retriever turned into his worst nightmare after he punched his ex-wife in the face and grabbed the child. And Goldens are not known for being fierce, aggressive dogs. But she did exactly what we want of our pets. His injuries were severe enough that they flew him to a hospital.

The type of breed has a lot to do with the injuries inflicted too. Dobermans tend to make a lot of quick, bloody bites over and over. Shepherds hang on. The Rottwieler has a bone crushing bite and tends to bite, pull and then crush. The larger guard dogs tend to bite and hold, exerting bone crushing force when they’re serious.

The most serious problem with dog attacks is staying upright and not losing control of the animal when your face & neck are near it’s mouth. You may be forced to fight one-handed while the other arm is signalling great pain too.

Dogs are not our whole lives,
But dogs make our lives whole.
–Roger Caras

ALL working breeds are high energy. If you can’t handle Labs and Golden then you should look into a different breed class/group because it only goes up from there. So does the stubborn/intelligence factor as well. If you can’t handle anything but soft dogs look elsewhere. If you can’t be very firm and consistent, again look elsewhere. Honestly? You DON’T need a working breed if you aren’t going to do daily/regular exercise, provide a job for the dog and can’t get beyond basic obedience.

Unlikely unless the person was already in a bad position. The question is encouraging the aggressive stereotype though- my yellow lab is more aggressive than our two dobermans are put together! The dobermans *ran* from the threatening person, the lab dug in and started growling. That guy didn’t stick around for long 🙂 Amazed the hell out of me that my sweet little Abby even had that in her!

In any given situation, focus on what you do want your dog to do instead of on whatever he’s doing wrong. Learn how to train your dog

For example, suppose that on many evenings, your young dog gets busy looking for trouble just as you’re digesting your dinner. He grabs a boot from the mat by the front door and gallops through the house with it. You yell at him and take it away. He grabs its mate. You yell and take it away. He heads for the kitchen and starts checking out the counters in case something tasty’s been left behind. You chase him away. And on and on, until you’ve lost your temper and torn out clumps of hair you can ill afford to lose.

A strong person under attack should be able to get one hand free to grab the throat, Strong hands will quickly throttle a dog. If they can’t get to the throat quickly they are in serious trouble. The problem is getting the mind to think quickly when you are in pain!

Yes. Every dog you mentioned if well bred and properly trained can kill a man. Mastiffs were not bred to “hold” people, they were ancient war dogs who brought down HORSES and killed their rider if possible.

seriously….. a neo mastiff would not kill a strong wrestler…….mastiffs are bred to hold threats……….not to kill………they prolly could easily kill a strong wrestler……they have all that extra skin to be able to move around while their opponent is trying to immobilize them………

Of course, if they could get close enough to the dog i’m sure they could kill but like i said IF they could get close enough.

if they got the dog into a headlock they could probably choke it

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