Candidates for 2008 presidential election?

I am just curious. I am 22 years old and this is the 2nd presidential election I am voting in. The last time I didn’t really pay attention to much…but now I am. I am up in the air about who to vote for this year. I really liked Huckabee, but I do not think he is going to make it through. I live in South…

Jamie G, it’s excellent question for your age and
I believe you’ll have a wonderful future.
Back to your question , I advise you to do your homework by studying each candidate’s history and ask yourself base on their past ,can you accept him as a husband, a father to your children or a father to you ? if you need a car driver,would you hire a train driver ? if you’re rich enough to buy large private jet,would you hire a small plane
pilot just because a friendship ?
you’re the new generation of America & you the one who must make the choice by deciding who should be the next president and DON’T let the corrupt media decides for you.forget about Republicans & Democrats it’s two sides to one single coin ! VOTE FOR AMERICA FIRST.
God Bless America & U.

Vote for who you think is best for ALL of us. And truthfully Americans will vote on who they LIKE the most or who is more familliar to them. There are white people who will vote for McCain or Hillary just because they feel more comfortable with them and because they feel it would be treason to vote for a black person. Vice Versa on all sides. Same goes for religious folk.

I am voting for Ron Paul this year because he is the only candidate with a voting record that truly shows he supports and follows our Constitution. He has spent ten terms in Congress and he has the best voting record. He is the most fiscally responsible candidate being the only Congressman to turn back in part of his Congressional budget every year. People may say he is low in the poles but that is only because people worry more about electability then Constitutionality. (Is that a word?)
He knows the most about our economic system and he has the most knowledge about foreign policy. Just read his latest book to see that.
Thanks for being honestly interested in finding a good candidate to support.

Obama has played the race card very well. That’s why most blacks are voting for Obama. Hillary has not been as lucky with women.

Why don’t you check out:

Everyone that you mentioned is on their “Top 10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians Watch” except McCain. You can check out their voting records in the Senate at that other site, and there is info on Huckabee too. Think for yourself!

I voted for Mitt Romney and I am not a Mormon. And I guess I will have to vote for McCain because I am not stupid. I know what health-care for all will cost.

EDIT: BTW – ronpaul supporter – Ron Paul doesn’t know s*&t about foreign policy. His anti-foreign presence stance is suicide for our alies, and the US. Google ‘balance of power’ and ‘NATO’ sometime soon. Then read up on how WW II got started.

EDIT 2: I vote for a black woman, athiest if I thought she could get the job done.

Being 22 years old you never knew of a president that wasn’t either a Clinton or a Bush. It’s time this country elects to go in a new direction.

I would have to vote none of the above. But, gun to my head with these three choices I’d vote for McCain. I think he is the less of those three evils. By the way, you are a beautiful woman.

We should always vote based on the issues and for those who have similar convictions as we do.

And, people are voting for Huckabee simply because he claims to be a born-again Christian…

These right wing religious fanatics catapulted Bush to the Republican nomination, and he then went on to win the presidency…now look at the mess we are in.

We should not vote for a president simply because of his perceived religion…..we should look at their intellect, experience, plans/ideas for the future, and then vote…..regardless of race, gender or religion.

Vote for whoever you like

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