Crashed my car into a tree, how much will my insurance increase?

I have a provisional license and it was a rainy day and my car skidded off the road and crashed into a tree. noone in the car got hurt at all and the road was empty so no other car was involved in the accident. the insurance is $1200 a year. about how much will it be now?

tree fiddy


If no one was with you ? You have no insurance as unaccompanied.

Presuming you have Full Comprehensive Insurance so your car is covered. You do not say how much No Claims Bonus

If you do not have Protected No Claims Bonus.
You pay the deductible, They pay the rest.
You will then pay Full cost of Policy and may get Loaded for claiming.

Andy C

This really varies from state to state and company to company. You should contact your company to ask and if it goes up a lot you can call other companies to get quotes. Some companies have accident forgiveness for your first accident.

I’m glad noone was hurt.

When you get your new rate make sure to shop around! One of the best stes for low insurance rates is

Good luck!

For some reason you must think your insurance agent reads this. Why don’t you call them and get the real answer.

it will probably be like $2000. You want to watch out for those pesky tress they come out of nowhere

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