Do people think Virgos should never make mistakes because we’re smart?

We’re human and it’s gonna happen. Why do people get so butthurt over some emails that I sent to the wrong persons? I don’t say anything in an email that I wouldn’t say to their face. So when I send something that has leftover comments made by someone else I was talking to, then why do they get…

You should be careful with these kinds of things or it can ruin bonds between people. People are offended because they though they could trust you [telling you they don’t like someone] and not because they care that you have Virgo moon and expect you not to make mistakes. Nobody expects, needs or wants you to be perfect. Get over yourself. Even i would be pissed at you if you “accidentally” send/told what i said about someone. It doesn’t matter who wrote it, now that the damage is done. Stop complaning and take responsibility.

That is great. Because the Virgo Moon is the opposite of the Virgo Sun.

Virgo moon will never accept that others made mistakes, they will always self-criticize and think it’s them the people causing the fault.

Yes you are smarter than the Virgo Moon, I am a Virgo Moon and I cannot accept people can make mistakes, because I try not to make them (even though I do), I hardly try to make them for the sake of others and myself.

Like the shittiest most objective moon sign, is the Virgo moon one, because it is so impartial, I hate it. Like everyone sees it as a weakness, but truth is I am trying my best to be correct. Just reality is not everyone is correct.

Man… you made a mistake that hurt at least one person, possibly two people. It’s okay if you feel a bit guilty about that and you should own that guilt if you’re feeling it. That’ll be the first step to forgiving yourself, because it sounds like you’re the one who is having trouble forgiving more than anyone else.
You might feel better if you realise your fallibility as a person, accept that you accidentally hurt a couple of people, and apologise. Let them be a little mad at you for a while. They’ll cool down eventually. If they don’t, it’s really their problem at that point. Just focus on doing the right thing for now.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Mistakes happen, even to the smartest of us. 😀

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Okay, go ahead and get the banana pudding out. You know what time it is.

I make mistakes

The best thing you can do is the right thing. The second best thing you can do is the wrong thing. THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IS TO DO NOTHING!

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