Do the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ exist?

Do good and evil exist? or are they just concepts that follow the majority of a societies opinion?
Say the majority of society was of the opinion that burning people (like in the salem witch trials) or some such was a good thing, even though now we would consider it a bad thing i.e evil.
so what do you think?…

English philosophers like Hobbes believed that human nature is “tainted”. He believed that people will immorally act according to their corrupted nature(ie stealing, cheating, killing, etc) if left without order; hence why he believed in monarchical government. However, philosophers like john locke believed otherwise, he believed that people were inherently “good”. Unlike Thomas Hobbes, Locke believed that human nature is characterized by reason and tolerance. Since he believed that humans were “reasonable”. He believed that the government should be a representative, nothing more, unlike Hobbes.

I think they are both right to a certain degree, they are just looking at a different angle. “Good-and-evil” are about, morality (Obviously). But let us briefly define these terms. Good by defintion is: morally righteous, the definition of “evil” is: morally wrong or bad. Things will be easier if you understand how morality is rooted. Let us integrate philosophy with science, for a better approach.

Basically, humans evolved as social creatures, we are highly cooperative. Our emotions/morality evolved with us, as it helps us bond. Bonding between members of a certain group is important because it enhances the chance of the members and the group’s survival and we all know even primitive cell’s sole purpose is to survive. Human are also like that, just a little bit more complex.

“Charles Darwin himself argued for group selection. He postulated that moral men might not do any better than immoral men but that tribes of moral men would certainly “have an immense advantage” over fractious bands of pirates.”

Good and evil exists objectively. Morality is objective and ethical codes are within us. This is why people from different cultures feel/react in a similar manner in a given moral situation.

The concepts absolutely exist AS concepts. Concepts reflect both physical and non physical things. Gravity isn’t a physical thing but it is part of the world we live. Concepts represent the interpretations of the experiences we have.

Good and evil are (as I see it) extremely flexible and any additions of universality or absolution are incorrect and don’t reflect the relationships we have with each other and our world. We frequently change our minds, especially with morality.

I have a BIG problem with the game our society has developed of “good and evil”. The actions we take may be considered good or evil and that’s alright with me. My problem is the shift in authority. We take the words ‘good” and ‘evil’ and make them as our authority. The perceptions of good and evil might be vitally important. This perception or discernment makes a great tool, but a horrible master.


If you kill your neighbor that’s considered evil but if you kill an enemy soldier in battle… It all can seem very confusing. Which is why society feels a need to train us from an early age on distinguishing between the two. It can mean the difference between life in prison or receiving a medal of valor. Personally, I like to trust my own instincts of what is morally right and what isn’t and I’m lucky to live in a country that has close to the same value system.

I don’t think anyone is truly good or truly evil. These are simplistic ways to look at the world. Consider these type of person: loves dogs, a war hero, very close to his mother and is affectionate with children, is a vegetarian, and rarely drinks. How would you judge this person? Think about it. Are you ready to find out who he is? Adolf Hitler.

Now take the other example: a womanizer who disliked his mother, lies constantly, relied heavily on his father’s money and influence, curses and drinks a lot, and uses people for his own purposes. These are the flaws of this man. He is John F. Kennedy.

Who at first glance did you consider to be evil? Immoral? Amoral? What makes a person is so much more than that, it is easy to divide everything into black and white. We do it with everything: political and religious beliefs, sexuality, love/hate, and success/failure.

What you consider evil for some may be just. What you consider good for others might be naive. Even the most repugnant person has some good traits. Even the most noble man falls well beneath decent standards. Humans cannot be divided into two separate categories. We are complex creatures.

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Do the concepts of 'good' and 'evil' exist?
do good and evil exist? or are they just concepts that follow the majority of a societies opinion?
Say the majority of society was of the opinion that burning people (like in the salem witch trials) or some such was a good thing, even though now we would consider it a bad thing i.e evil.
so what…

I believe there would be. Some excerpts of certain scriptures could have possibly been written by humans.. though this is not a proven fact, it’s possible. People would have feelings without religion, and people would still love one another, so murder would be seen as evil. Though certain things, like gay marriage, could have been accepted years ago. The concept of good and evil would still exist, but it wold be much different than what we believe now.

Some Christians believe that good and evil are absolutes. Said another way, they believe that Evil is anything that displeases God. It doesn’t matter whether or not you or I believe it is evil, all that matters is if it is written or “implied” in the Bible as such. A more general definition might be that evil is anything that causes harm or creates suffering for others.

The problem with concepts is that their definitions depend on the perception and experience of the person interpreting them. However you define evil it can only exist when one mind encounters another. Just like friction requires two surfaces, evil requires opposition and can not exist without it.

Does Good And Evil Exist

well good and evil are people created ideas. you’ve called one thing good and one thing evil and good implies something that should be done and bad implying something that shouldn’t.

it’s very possible that someone could have called something good and people agreed (they were too dumb to see through) and did the thing that was called good.

it’s important to judge for yourself whether something is something you should do. because people could have called anything good and brain washed people in doing it even though it doesn’t have a healthy effect.

Some, such as Mark Prophet, define “evil” as “e-veiling” or “energy-veiling.”
Plotinus defined “evil” as deviating or distorting Energy.
O. M. Aivanhov, “A Philosophy of Universality,” “True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection,” and “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,” gave much attention to this.
Saint Augustine realized that “evil” depends on a prior Good for its temporal existence.
Psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi experienced or encountered “good and evil” as she recounts in her two autobiographical memoirs, “Entering the Circle” and “The Master of Lucid Dreams.”

With no Truth-God standard, then relative good and evil are indeed occasionally transposed, as we’re currently experiencing with the “enhanced interrogation techniques” discussions of Bush 43 and Obama 44.

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