Do you believe Obama supports hatred towards White People?

I heard he supports and protects the New Black Panthers party even after these n****** wanted to kill white babies

read his book.

Nah I think white people support the hatred of white people. See it every day. There’s always one group of white folks that think that another group of white folks aren’t as white as they should be. Kind of funny really. The way they’ll turn on each other in a heartbeat.
But I digress. This is about Obama and the new Black Panthers and what you heard. I guess it would really depend on if what you heard is true or not. Considering your use of the n word in your post. I’m thinking your source of information isn’t credible and therefore I’m going to have to say no. I don’t believe Obama supports hatred towards White people.

The more I learn of his close associations with the Black Panther Parties, the SDS supporters , CAIR, The Weather Underground supporters, the Communist, Marxist, (although many of the later are white, they are using darkers skinned people to acquire power), the more I believe he does. Though I’m vehemently against almost every thing this administration stands for, I cringe at the name calling. The Golden Rule should be perserved.

you realize that the New Black Panthers party is just 2 crazy black people

No. (and I HAVE read his books.)

If that is what you “heard”, then perhaps you should be listening elsewhere.

ummmmm no

No question he calls whites “stupid”.

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