Do you think the Bill will go 0-16 and take the title from the Lions as worst team in NFL History?

Well I’m going to call it they are going to go 0-16 and take the worst team in history title from the Lions. That’s pretty sad when you can actually take the worst team in history title from another team that went 0-16

No, they will end the season with 2-14 record. That’s my prediction

you are a complete fool. they’ve had 2 very close games against good teams the last 2 weeks there is no way that we go 0-16! it won’t happen. In fact I’m so sure it won’t happen I’ll make an avi bet.

PS – Bucs are the worst team ever when they went 0-14 in the 70’s

Possibly, but even if they do, they can’t be worse than the Lions when they’ve been to 4 Superbowls in a row, while losing all of them. Lions have been the absolute worst and haven’t done squat since the merger and still haven’t made it to the Superbowl, though they may have a shot within the next few years.

The Lions have improved and are getting better , so I think the Bills are set for that number 1 pick , but it is cold in Buffalo man and I feel sorry for the guy that has to play there ,HMMMM what is Brett doing next year .

I hope not. I want the Lions to have the honor of being the worst team ever. Don’t take that away from us too. That’s all we’ve got.

They play the Vikings, Bears, Browns and Bengals yet, don’t they? They won’t go winless.

no they have already come very close to winning twice, they will win sometime

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