For the career path im guna take can i afford a ferrari/prosche/lamborghini?

When i get older i want to go into something with art like
-fashion design (like designing purses like coach)
-graphic design

which one of those does or could make alot of money?
enough to buy a ferrari/porsche/lamborghini?

You seem to have the cart before the horse.

The desire to own a ‘ferrari/porsche/lamborghini’ had nothing to do with the success of Chanel, Warhol or Rodin.

1) Discover your passion.
2) Find your niche.
3) Deliver quality and excellence every day.

Then, fame and fortune will follow.

geo metro at the most or maybe a nice trek bicycle

how about selling art…….. first you steal it and then you sell it on the black market… that will be the only way you will afford any of these cars doing anything like you want…..

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