For the tin foil hat, right-wing conspiracy theorists who believe Clinton killed all those people…?

Why after all those millions spend over several months was Ken Starr not able to find anything to charge Clinton with murder?

Don’t you think Ken Starr, Republican, would have loved to use that against Clinton?

But even after all that time and all those millions of dollars all they could get him on was on…

Gosh are you out of touch. What people did he kill.
Clinton lied in a sworn statement. That is what got him into trouble. Wow, you really missed it on this one.

And you believe that Ken Starr was supporting whom? Certainly not the interests of the People. Any more than Clinton was as he proclaimed on National TV “I did not have sexual relation’s with that woman” wagging that famous finger.

What Clinton did after the event is what was more appalling. If if was not for a blue dress with the “pearl necklace”, he would have escaped the issue all together. He has been quoted as saying he would probably not have told Hillary either.

Now for this deal… Clinton was charged with perjury & obstruction of justice. He was dis-barred by an Arkansas Supreme Court. Conditions were that he accept a six year suspension (holds title dis-barred, it ended 2006). The best part he AGREES to throw out litigation regarding the White Water controversy that had plagued his administration & the First Lady for years. Aside from OJ SImpson that is the slickest deal anyone has ever got in history.

See, you get what you pay for. And just watch where the female Judge ends up IF they are elected. A lifetime spot on the Real Supreme Court ? Perhaps.

I cook with tin foil. And expect so will the Clinton’s very soon in their own mis handling of Hill’08 campaign funds. NO longer Teflon in the age of internet. Also… check into how mush of WJC legal fund was paid for by Chinese supporter’s .I dare you to google anything I have stated. Thank you for the opportunity to speak. Aloha.

ps. both sides can be bought for influence, money or shame

Calling people names and then saying that Clinton was only got on a BJ? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Perhaps you’re unaware that Clinton lied under oath in a court of law? During a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment? Ring a bell?

As for the other scandals Starr investigated, a lot of close friends of the Clintons wound up in prison. And the Clintons should have too.

But not for the idiotic fictional “arkancide” crap. For the scams and corruption.

Seems you aren’t interested in answers, opinions, evidence or new information, but want only to name-call, build up your ego. Are you one of those who cannot see that if he lied about a small thing such as the BJ he would lie about anything? Party affiliation means nothing. They’re all in bed with each other. I much prefer people who question…put things to the test…don’t follow blindly…search the facts and keep open minds until the evidence is found underneath all the pile of manure thrown from the white house, press and corporate structures intent on destroying us from within, denying our constitutional rights. Can’t you see that the executive branch can and does use means such as IRS audits, threats, death, manipulation of the law via the courts, character assassination, secrecy and power-hungry compadres to advance their evils?
Good is done in bright sunlight, evil in the shadows of darkness.

That’s it? That’s the best you can do ??? Typical Liberal! By the way Clinton didn’t get impeached over a BJ that just makes him a Arss Hole for cheating on his wife but not illegal! He was Impeached for LYING TO A GRAND JURY!!!!!! One of his MANY SCREW UPS

Ken Star was assigned to investigate only White Water. The BJ thing was Clinton’s own fault because he lied under oath. If he would have simply told the truth he would not have been convicted of perjury and disbarred.

Uh..Hello, McFly. A BJ????? You would think, that after 10 years of this being talked about, written about, televised, and scrutinized by every wanna be reporter in the guys on the left would understand it was about…say it with me clowns….LYING UDER OATH TO A GRAND JURY.

You libs are truly clueless…how do you go through life being so ingnorant? Is it not embarrassing to you? You know..A wise man once said..”It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

You forget about the perjury.

Clearly you don’t have an issue with anyone lying to you as long as it’s just about sex. Speaks volumes about your “integrity”.

BJ Clinton was a scumbag liar and his hag wife is worse. If she gets into power you will be sorry that you voted for her. The whole world will be sorry she got elected. That is a fact.

Who’s giving out the tin foil hats?

hmm, another Lib who is an obvious product of a failed public school system.

Starr investigated Whitewater.

Clinton has the distinction of being only one of two US Presidents Impeached, and not because of sexual impropriety, but for lying under oath.

Let’s hit the history books a little harder shall we?

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