How can Christians justify all the killings in the Bible ordered by God? Not to mention the slavery and lack?

Of human rights?

There is also homophobia and sexism. Do you guys even read this stuff?

I know a girl who told me she was a Christian and knows nothing about her religion…nothing! She’s never read the Bible..

It’s all in the readers head & how they decipher whatever they read. It’s one book dickkhead & have ya seen da violence lately? It’s always been here,worse now even! So why in the hell u think Jesus came here for? To tell you monkeys to knock off da shitt & walk upright & Straight. If u even cared to want to understand this u’d know that!
Don’t ask others to fix & do ur thinking for u cause theirs will be different..we all don’t see the same things on the same street now do we?
You may seen it big when a bigger one seen it small..follow? Stop trying to get easy answer cause ur still going to take the long way around. Go within or go w/out & God will tell you his truth when you stop telling him yours…if u rely want 2know God… ask him..some is true u know..knock & i will answer,seek & u shall find etc..someone else travelled a different path so they are going to tell u a different story & u won’t believe them anyway. But it all will lead to the same road in the end~

Big old universe out there & the bible was a story down here,not the whole frigging Galaxy..this is why God won’t judge us & free will.By the time u get to be a big boy n girls,we’d know bad from good,write from wrong it ya don’t want 2b on the bad side of the moon,then don’t be bad..(he made polarity 2 separate) or their be no arguments,we would know bad from in experiencing,we’d not have any knowledge of the other side.It’s hard 2 explain when ppl think the bible is all about all,it isn’t!

The Bible is simply the unvarnished truthful account of various events that occurred over time, leading to the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Just because something appears in the Bible doesn’t mean the practice is recommended or endorsed by God. Much of what’s recorded in scripture is very regrettable, and worse.

As for alleged homophobia and sexism: As the Creator of all things, God has a right to his preferences. Anyone who thinks it prudent to “do their own thing” may certainly do so, but at their own risk, since the things God defines as evil in this world will certainly not carry over into the next life, and eternity.

In so far as moral authority … based on the scriptures or not … that awesome and virtually unrestricted power and authority was given by Jesus Christ, while he still walked the earth, to the Catholic Church alone. This has absolutely nothing to do with the righteousness (or lack thereof) of those who run the church. It is only about the holiness of God.

Ignore such things if you like, but the rules are clear, they apply equally to everyone, and there will be divine judgment.

Food for thought!

All the killings in the old testament as ordered by God where a death sentence on all the peoples that had either hurt Israel or that had offended God directly. The Bible clearly says that the penalty for sin is death. Keep in mind that the world was quite different back then. Most people lived in tents, small villages, etc. and many of them committed terrible crimes against others and themselves in the form of slavery, child sacrifice, etc. Just look at the history of the nations that the Israelites were to eliminate. Sexism is a relatively new term, although it was practiced abundantly in all pagan nations, such as today’s Islamic nations where women do not really matter and are seen as chattel. All the mess is a direct consequence of man’s disobedience to God back in the garden of Eden. If you want to have your questions answered, I suggest that you read the Bible for yourself. And the girl you mentioned? Typical teen.

You have to know who and what God is, who we are in relationship to Him, and see the whole thing in a universal context. I can’t take the time and space to answer all your legitimate questions, but let me say a couple things.

#1: No one has ever died or been killed . . . in the sense that they have ceased to exist in any form whatsoever. All are children of God, and it’s His right to bring them back to His home whenever it pleases Him, and whenever it’s necessary for their growth and progress. (Example: did the people drowned at the time of Noah’s flood cease to exist? No. They went to “spirit prison” where they got a second chance to hear the gospel. See 1 Pet 3: 18-20 and 4: 6.)

#2: What is our purpose here? To get a mortal body and have the experiences associated with it, which we could get nowhere else in the Cosmos. If we go too far down dark paths that might permanently damage us beyond any kind of redemption, God, out of love, may bring a halt to that direction by bringing us back home. Such was the situation in much of the Old Testament, when whole nations, Israel included, got into child sacrifice.

I’m sure this doesn’t answer all your questions, but until you have a context of knowing what’s really going on in this Cosmos, until you have an idea of God’s plan for us, and not the phony touchy-feely, warm, fuzzy falsehoods of contemporary Christian religion, it will all seem ridiculous to you, understandably.

I’ve read the Bible so many times…..and many things I question.
When the God in the Bible sent to kill all the children and women and men in Egypt, I was terrified…how can that be possible…..I asked myself, aren’t children the most innocent beings?….
Another thing that got me thinking was….two sisters that got their father drunk to sleep with him for I forgot what reason, it happened after the Sodom Gomorrah situation.

I keep believing the Bible is the most amazing book in the world although I don’t agree with many stories.

I searched for answers and just got more confused lol

My current religion is God. Our Heavenly Father and creator of the Universe. He doesn’t have to have a name nor an image…….nor beliefs.

I believe our creator is out there…..and HE is love……

…although Im still confused about many things….but I know God will guide me somehow.

The over-riding notion that if an ultimate author-of-life God exists, that deity possesses carte blanche in the ability to create and destroy people and places. The notion goes, if God is the highest and sovereign authority, the Creator certainly doesn’t answer to the created. If God is subject to what He creates, He isn’t God. As for slavery, there is a difference between black slavery of the last century, and the slaves taken by bronze-age cultures as the result of a “spoils of war” scenario, or remunerative restitution. Today, convicted prisoners are “slaves” in the sense that they forfeit their human rights as free men and women in order to pay a debt to society for their crimes.

Killings ordereds by God? Trust me. If someone was ever wrongly murdered by God, I would not be a Christian. There is no homophobia in the bible. God loves gays. God does not love homosexuality. I don’t see the phobia.

All those conquered in the Bible according to God’s judgments would have conquered the Hebrews if they had not fought for themselves. it was a fight to the finish for the possession of land. It has been that way throughout history. To the victor goes the spoils. Might makes right.

I see which you admit being an atheist, so why are you going to lots situation to confuse your self greater suitable. you may tutor almost something undesirable with regard to the bible in case you’re taking verses out of context. You no longer basically do this yet leave out almost all of rationale on God’s section in connection with verses from the old testomony, of which we Christians are no longer obliged to stay by making use of. then you definately completely misread each and all of the references of the recent testomony. As to my own morals, that are very solid by making use of the way, are based upon purely the training got here upon contained in the Holy Bible, some from the old and a few from the recent Testaments. i do no longer prefer different components to detect appropriate morals. between the main ethical human beings on our planet as we communicate are the Hindu, 95 % of them have never examine a bible from any source. yet, they stay as a team far greater effective ethical lives much greater effective than many American so spoke of as Christians. you have your instruction manual, yet worry somebody might have a greater effective instruction manual. You seem attempting to tutor your ideals are nicely suited so which you would be able to stay with your self by making use of putting others down. Christians are sinful human beings like a number of others, we purely have help from a residing God to develop our on an primary basis overall performance, some attempt very perplexing, some stay purely as you do, or worse. Our conventional isn’t different Christians yet Jesus the Christ himself. he’s the only one that lived completely, you will locate no fault in Him. Now as to ripping out particular scripture verses or accepting them. I continually recommend, tutor the content/context incorrect earlier you discard a verse right here and a verse there. 1000’s of scholars and scientist have and try to tutor the Bible to be fake, all have failed. You with your constrained awareness of the bible dare surpass those quite ranked analyst, yet you have concluded there isn’t any God. sooner or later, you will face him head to head and make an account of your existence. while he tells you to connect the goats, purely baaaaa and get in line, somebody will lead you to the lake of hearth. yet, you do no longer ought to bypass there, it is your determination, the single you have made up of non-concept, yet there is time to work out the easy, the fact and how, that are all Jesus.

You are confused as to our mission. We’re not here to justify, just proclaim and teach.

As to the girl you know, how sad that someone would call themselves a Christian know nothing of the Word of God. Sad.

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