How do I answer this question at the wedding I am attending next week?

I am going to the east coast next week to the wedding of a close relative. I am one of the last single people my age in my family, and I KNOW that I will be asked, “So when are you going to get married?” and “Who are you dating?” and “Do you have a boyfriend?” I am single and not…

Just tell them that you’re still looking for prospects and as of now you’re enjoying so much being single but if you’re going to get married already you can send them the wedding invitations. Just try not to sound too defensive or affected when you are being asked. Enjoy the party and who knows you might meet the right guy that day. (wink)


I believe there’s a line from a sex and the city episode when someone asks if Miranda is dating anyone special and she says “no, no one special right now, pretty un-unspecial actually” or something along those lines.

The best thing you can do is to look good. No, look hot. It does not matter if you walk in with a guy, a girl or a gorilla, if you walk in looking hot and confident, your exes will be checking you out and will be happy that you are single. And if you look – no strike that – if you ARE having a good time, that really just makes women want to be around you and men want to be with you.

Not that I’m advocating getting back together with anyone, but the fact is, weddings are a great place to meet men, so you could certainly say to someone “I’ve always heard that weddings are a great place to meet men, so I decided to leave my mediocre dates back in Chicago (or wherever you are from) and give the east coast men a fair shake.”

Or “the job’s still open if you know anyone or would like to submit an application. Videos are encouraged but not required.”

A little divorce humor is always appreciated “I’m waiting until all of these happy couples get divorced in two years and then I’ll see how everyone fared in their settlements.”

And you could certainly follow any of the above with “seriously, I’ve been quite busy with my career (volunteering, working on my new home, whatever) and enjoying what little free time I have with my friends and I just haven’t had the time to date.”

The bottom line is – treat yourself. Get a mani pedi, buy yourself something fabulous to wear and go to the wedding and have a blast!

Ok. To handle the ex-boyfriends, do the following. Smile politely, say “Hello. Nice to meet you when you.” when he introduced his date.” and if he asks where your date is, just simply say that you don’t have one, and that you are loving the single life. If you want a cover story, say that you are too busy with your career or something. And if you parents or relatives ask you when you are getting ready, tell them politely that you are still looking, and that you will marry as soon as the right guy comes along. Honestly, I don’t think that family should put pressure on when you should marry. Have a great time at the wedding. I hope your cousin and his wife have a lifetime of happiness. Good luck =]

I was in your position too, the last time I attended a relative’s wedding. Since I was approaching 30, almost every old fart at the wedding kept asking me when am I getting married. At first I just ignored the question and tried to change the subject. But after a while I got a little bored with the questions so I just said that I am gay and I can’t get married as the government doesn’t allow same sex marriage. My parents laughed like hell when they heard that.

Tell them that them that right now you’re concentrating on yourself. You need to know who you are before you get married right? Well tell them that. Or tell them what you’ve told us, that there are too many frogs out there.
Just because you’re not married or getting married or dating someone doesn’t make you a loser. You’re just not dumb enough to settle because other people think you need to be married. You should be proud that you haven’t went through with it yet, you’re trying to find your soul mate instead of getting married and probably divorced in a few years. Be happy that you aren’t like that, celebrate singleness and don’t let those idiots get to you.

Some options:

“I’m still holding auditions for the position. If you know anyone who might be interested I could give you an address where you can send resumes and 8×10 glossies.”

“Oh, didn’t you hear? I got accidentally married in Vegas a couple months back and I’m still trying to get THAT sorted out, but it’s hard because I can’t seem to recall the guy’s last name.”

“I haven’t been dating much since I got a job as a phone sex operator. I’m sure you know how it is.”

“Is it important to you that I get married? Why?”

“Actually, dating [ex-boyfriend] pretty much put me off men for a while, so I’m considering trying women out for a change of pace.”

“I’m technically dating three different guys right now, but none of them are ‘family-ready’ yet, if you know what I mean, so I didn’t feel right bringing any of them.”

“I’ve just gone through a devastating breakup, but thanks for asking. I think I’ll go drown myself in the punchbowl now.”

“I’ve just recently started seeing a guy but I didn’t feel right bringing him to a wedding where he didn’t know anyone and he’d just be bored.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite hear you. It almost sounded like you were asking me a terribly personal question.”

You have a few options. However, most of them involve lying.

“Yes, I am seeing someone, but he’s overseas on business at the moment. It’s all very hush-hush. Why, that’s a lovely shirt you’re wearing!”

“I recently broke up with my boyfriend, and I’d rather not talk about it. In fact, I think I need another drink.”

“It’s complicated.”

“I don’t have time to date at the moment, I’m so busy with work.”

“I’m actually dating a lovely woman… She reminds me a little of you actually…” (watch them make their excuses and run away)

But seriously, just be honest – don’t make a big deal of it and don’t use words like “sadly” and “unfortunately.” The phrase “happily single” might work, and then just change the subject. If they ask why, just say you haven’t found anyone worth your time.

First- you never skip a wedding for a reason like that. Its a bit selfish. So its great you are going
Do you have someoen that can go as a “date” even a guy friend willing to help you out?
Just tell people you are still looking for your “mr right” and change the subject or excuse youself.

hi =D o-kay, many layered question you got there! here goes: 1. if you’re particular about the hijaab/having your head covered, i would suggest you ask someone at a beauty parlor to set your dupatta for you =) which city are you in? perhaps I can recommend some salon for you if you let me know =D 2. i have some very very nice pictures of Pakistani styles of wearing dupattas (with the head and chest properly covered) =) if you like, I can email you some and you can go from there =D but please-don’t look prettier than the bride! lol! =D good luck and have fun! let me know if i can help any further!

Best to use humor:

Q: “So when are you going to get married?”
A: When I find the right guy for me.

Q:”Who are you dating?”
A: Currently no one, but the nights not over yet!

Q:”Do you have a boyfriend?”
A: Well, I don’t have a GIRLFRIEND, if thats what you’re asking.

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