How do i make points on yahoo awnser?

How do i make points on yahoo awnser

Here is the best way to make points.
Find something that you know about and answer the questions for that group. If you know about fish, answer questions about fish, that way your answer is more likely to be the BEST answer, and instead of just getting 2 points, you get 2 + 10.

Another thing you can do is go to an area with questions that you WANT TO know about. Then you can learn while you are answering the questions. Find good links on the internet for the person asking the question and you have a good chance of getting the BEST answer.

If you are not so good at finding answers, you can VOTE on answers. Look for questions that are IN VOTING and you can decide which is the best answer. You get one point just for picking an answer that seems right. And if you vote for the best answer, you get more points.

It is possible to get more than 250 points, almost 300 in a single day.

Good luck.

You get 2 points for answering questions. You can also vote on undecided questions and earn 1 point. Just click on the discover button and you’ll find questions to vote for.

Answer questions and you’ll get 2 Pts get best answer and get 10 pts. Vote for answers and get 1 point. Vote best answer and get 3 pts

You lose points for asking questions, and make points for answering other peoples questions.



You have to answer questions. You get 2 pnts for every question you answer and 10 pnts if your answer is chosen as the best. So start!

answer questions until you have the desired points u want

answering questions, and for getting best answer
points are deducted for asking questions.

answer questions and get best answers

just answer the questions and it will add them

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